WOD – GTA “DRIVE IT” – 1/12/2012

Dear GTA,

Today was the introduction of the “Huskey” to the GTA group class.  It’s a machine that if you don’t control and drive – it will devour you.  I must admit at first I was going to be easy on them but I didn’t.  Easy is a word a normal person uses.  Easy is a term that we should use only when it’s just that.  Not because I planned, because you are getting stronger.  Today, Mike, Monica, Brett, and Terri all embraced the suck and smiled back.  Today was their first Strength endurance session.  A nice metabolic pumper spread into 3 sections.  I am proud of this group and their push to be healthy and fit.


Let’s get it! Evolve in 3,2,1….GO!

Thank you weak, You taught me strength.
Fear it was great, you made me understand courage.
Insecurities it was challenging, yet now confident I walk.
Doubt I hope I never meet you again, for Belief is how I roll.
Unappreciative is buried, for gratitude fills my heart.
Challenges taught me, the bad made me good, and the knowledge became my foundation to my character.


20 bent over Flyes

FT =
(6) Thrusters
(10) Band Row SQ
15FT Carry


25YD HUSKEY PUSH (Mike/Brett: 241# ; Mon/Terr: 177#)
(10) back SQ (67#)
(10) Push Press DB
(5) SHP (sumo High Pulls)




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