I decided today to split my WODs into two split sections to see if I perform better.  It was fun but I still prefer one hellish session.  It’s been 4weeks now of straight training (with active rest).  Its been a challenge but so far so good.  Nutrition is truly key to avoid burn outs, fatigue, and injuries.  Over training does exist but with the knowledge of your body and knowing when to quit is the secret, not creatine, or special cool labeled drinks.  It’s an internal switch that turns on that allows you to BEAST.  Use it, before you lose it!

Evolve in 3,2,1…GET TOUGH

WOD #1:

6 rounds
ME: 1340;
(10) Rope pulls (C: 60# / M: 150#)
(10) C: hanging Knee to chest / M: Pull-ups
(Chris:10 / ME: 15)  cleans (C:18#; M:111#)
WOD # 2:
6Min JR
15 Knee to elbows
15 GHR (35#) hypers
ABSALUT – RX’d – 35x8x6RDS

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