GT Class 1/16/2012

Jessica (Bucket Challenger)

Nice chilly 22degree weather in NYC and the Jones family comes to visit me for a family WOD.  Ben’s sister wanted to take the bucket challenge so I said why not! Time to let her know what GT is all about.  Today’s session was a nice METCON with kettbell and medicine ball drills.  A nice day to do some movements to keep the body warm especially in the box.  I am proud that all my Lady GT members have not thrown up so Jessica added to that percentage.  These are the faces of GTfit and pushing them to do obstacle races like Spartan Race.  Sometimes people fear these events because they think their bodies are not ready.  WELL WITH GT YOU WILL.  It’s about finishing the WODs strong, eating clean, and living the lifestyle 365 days of the year.

Evolve in 3,2,1….GET TOUGH!

Dynamic jumping jacks
bent over flyes


Tab 35x10x5
Wall ball shots
Push press
Slam balls

(10) KBS
(20) KB cleans to jerks (single arm – 5 each)
(10) bent rows (5 each)
(10) Tai Chi curls

Sharida: 12:47
Jessica: 12:43



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