GT – Rachelle 1/20/2012

Rachelle’s 3rd day straight of GT despite back pain, foot aches, and guess what hunger pains? She last ate at 12pm and she’s coming home in a tired, hungry state.  Plus with 6hours max of sleep this mom, wife, student is on the ledge.  But today despite nearly quitting after her AMRAP (mind you her first one and we did a 15min one).  She said “F*CK IT! LETS FINISH!” She nearly said she “can’t” – she was exhausted (as seen from photo above).  GT does make just assassins out of their members we make accomplished finishers.  Why start when you can’t finish? It’s easier to quit but she chose the longer more painful route today.  That’s what I call a BOOMSAUCIN’ WOD!

evolve in 3,2,1….GET TOUGH!

10-Dynamic Jumping Jack

AMRAP15 / RDS= 12 + 15 Mountain Climbers + 10 Swan Dives + 4 C2F
(15) Mountain Climbers
(10) Swan Dives
(6) C2F

GRACE (18#)
FT= 2:11

Bent Knee crunch
Leg lifts


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