Make it a Habit


A dad, a musician, a big part of the ticket team in the US OPEN (Tennis), a loving husband, and now a GT assassin.  How does one find the time? He does.

Today just got great news from Mike Bozzo that he lost another 2lbs – he is officially 190lbs.  His journey with GTfit started in Dec 3rd 2011 and he started at 205 and just wanted to do the obstacle runs with me and Luis.  He signed up for SPARTAN SPRINT to challenge himself.  He didnt know that it was his first step to his evolution.  He later approached me about my training.  It’s been a nice road to consistency and max efforts.  Lots of Absalut and AMRAPS.  But Mike has maintained and has followed the eating plan.  It’s simple – EAT TO TRAIN.  I will post up more of his progress as we go on.  I just wanted to give him props to make the adjustments to make this lifestyle change a habit, not a diet.  THIS IS GOT YOU GT! LIFT and evolve.



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