WOD BEN – 1/23

Dear GTA,

Today we start our power/strength endurance week with Ben! Due to lower back pains we are helping strengthen he is not able to load up on weight but today we pushed it a bit with some strength endurance METCONS.   Anyway, he killed it! Also did 3-Rounds of Muay Thai striking.  By the time we were done the box was 100 degrees.  Dropping that heavy boom!

“Muscle weighs more than fat tissue and exercise develops muscle. Your bathroom scale won’t necessarily tell you whether or not you are “fat.” Well-muscled individuals with relatively little body fat, invariably are “overweight” according to standard weight charts. If you are doing a regular program of strength training, your muscles will increase in weight and possibly, your overall weight will increase. Body composition is a better indicator of your condition than body weight. On the other hand, lack of physical activity causes muscles to get soft, and if food intake is not decreased, added body weight is almost always fat.”

Dynamic jacks
Bent over flyes

(25) KBS
(6) Bent over rows (50#)
(5) Stair Push ups

Back Press
Dumbell Curls

Strikes x 3Rds x 5min



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