Mama warrior come out and play!! She came rumbling ready to rock with her composed smile at 6pm ready to rock while its rainy and chilly outside.  She came from work and I can see the weight on her shoulders.  Sharida has been training with me for almost 8months now.  She trains once a week but those one day a week session really helped her and her husband Ben.  I am kicking their training up more and making sure 2012 we see her join us in a Spartan race.  You know what’s a GT member? Someone who is awesome beyond measure.  A regular Joe to other’s but someone who comes home, cooks, cleans, takes care of their kids and make sure their family is first.  Someone who makes the time to train to better themselves.  Someone who is tough because that’s all they know to do.  ARE YOU GT material? Sharida will show you – “You Gonna Learn Teeday!”

Let’s kill it in, 3,2,1…GET TOUGH

Dynamic jacks
Bent over flyes

(25) KB halfsies
(6) box jumps
(15) AIR SQ

Ball Shots
Stair dips
Thrusters (no SQ due to knee pain)



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