Today my body woke up sore and tight.  Yesterday’s session killed me.  I thought to myself – why not just do upper body today and do isolation and mobility work? Uhmmmmm…. yeah.  As someone who tells people to do their best, dig deep, find the beast I should believe in my words.  With that said I ripped off my comfort zone skin and i had a heart rate on section 1 of 172 – It was AMAZING but the SUCK did not stop there.  Section 2 sucked even more.  But survived it and I think I will make it a weekly WOD.  It had to be one of my toughest.  The struggle was my test today.  Am I willing to live in the uncomfortable state for 45 grueling minutes? Am I willing to push beyond what my body is trying to convince my mind I cannot do.  Will I break? Will I get hurt? I AM WHO I SET OUT TO BE.  Once that WOD is written I am only subbing if I am causing injuries or hurting my training partners.  When I am alone I will test myself.  Strength is not measured by how much you can push or pull its the indomitable will within you.

After the WOD I did 20mins of SMR – it was such a relief.

Evolve in 3,2,1…..GE T TOUGH

6min JR

Rounds 1 and 10 (only) 120FT HUSKEY SLED PUSH (300/310#)
Rounds 2 through 9 (only) 60FT HUSKEY SLED PUSH (300/310#)
60FT OH DB WALK (60#)

Tab 45 x 12 x 4 RDS
Rope Drill (waves / Splashes)
DBS (1.5 pood or 55#)


Lvl 8
3.54 miles


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