GT Class “RST” 1/28

Monica H
Today was my introduction to Raw Spartan Training.  What it is in simple terms is: Whatever goes! mucus out your nose! Bile and heart rates explode!  Its a mixture of anaerobic and bodyweight training.  But more importantly we learn to “PACE” and work as a team.  It creates a functional training system for these obstacle runs.  Today my lady assassins KILLED IT – resurrected it – then KILLED IT AGAIN!  Also, we did Bella today so thanks again to Jason for putting it out there.  Colleen tells me today that she sees changes in her body (ie. clothes fitting looser).  Monica also told me she feels stronger.  These are great signs that your body is adapting to the training.  Now lets maintain it.  Anyway, watch their videos.  ALL ARE AWESOME training videos.  On June 3rd – we either come breezing through the obstacles and killer uphills or come out muddy, dirty, bruised but happy and embracing each other for a job well done.  We start as one – we end as one!  When I say I train people I teach them to “LIFT” Live Inspire Fight Triumph!  LIFT ASSASSINS! Another awesome session done.  BOOMSAUCE!
W/U –
Dyn Jax
side to side runs
Monica: 3:51
Colleen: 3:51
Chris: 3:53
Monica: 4:15
Colleen: 4:20
Chris: 4:20
RD 1 (20) Air SQ (w/ bag)
RD 2 (20) C2F
RD 3 120FT Front Lunge
RD 4 (20) C2F
RD 5 120FT Front Lunge
fence jump
5 box jumps (16″)

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Husband, Father, fitness enthusiast. GTfit founder. We often settle and find that moving, even at a slow pace hard. I am here to show you that no matter how slow - PROGRESS IS STILL PROGRESS. #evolve

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