What is evolution? is it just simply change to survive? or for the better? Today I watched my wife slowly evolve into an assassin as she battled fatigue and hunger.  Been awake since 6am and only slept for 4-5 hours due to flu-like symptoms.  She’s sick like myself but yet pushes forward and looks for the WOD so she can MURDER IT!

Under the influence of sheer will she tells me “I’m exhausted” so I reply by saying “Is that you asking for a rest day” she replies with a cold stare “NO!”.  Today I kept the training under 25minutes.  I do not want her body to breakdown but at the same time she wants to push.  Im happy we got some SKILLS work in.  She is learning to do pull-ups with progression ring pulls.  LOVE IT!

5mins JR

10, 9, 8……1
Bent over rows
side hops



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