GT CLASS “Monica breaks a sweat!” 2/9

Attendance: Monica, Nicole, Mike, Brett

12pm hits everyone is on time.  Today was my final S&C day for the week.  However, I wanted to mix it up with some METCON.  Today I made the team do one of the killer movements made by a navy seal called the “MAN-MAKERS” There was no subbing movement for this one.  It was bearhugging the suck head on! This will also be another benchmark WOD’s for GTfit members.  I am officially naming it “M.HARRIGAN”, she actually broke enough sweat to create sweat angels and to fog up her glasses.  The explosive movement of this WOD is almost a reflection of Monica’s intensity and the energy she brings to the class.  Obviously its an advance movement so until I feel comfy not everyone is recommended to do it.  However, today’s class KILLED this one.  I am proud to see that times were below 20minutes especially for first timers.  As these guys evolve so will their movements.  The WODs are not getting easier trust me their just getting TOUGHER, Get Tough Assassins killed it today.  No bleeders but we got angels!

They Eat Clean and Train Dirty!

Evolve in 3,2,1….GO

10x Dyn Jax
2x Frankensteins
2x back runs
10x Dyn Jax

Monica (12#) = 15:32
Nicole (10/12#) =13:43
Brett (15#) =15:47
Mike (20#) = 12:24

HUSKEY (340#) PR for everyone
(10) DL (70# / 115# / 150#)
(5/8) Pull UPS (bands – blue/red)
5-laps Suicides



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