I finally jumped in the bandwagon of eating, promoting clean.  I finally realized that eating to train brings a whole new perspective in muscle recovery and growth.  I also got stronger, faster, and by default fit because of my new eating “habits” not diet.  So today I introduce to you a new upcoming company that promotes just that, natural supplements.  It’s a different, clean approach to supplements and food for athletes, weekend warriors, or just someone who wants to live healthy.  So what is in Simplebrandz products? Nothing but all-natural ingredients from superfoods like Hemp to the basic essentials of vitamins.  No simple chemicals only complex foods that your body will use.  If you are an avid obstacle junkie or a long distance runner like myself you should know proper nutrition is key.  When caloric deficit hits after these events you need to replace the lost calories quick.  SIMPLEBRANDZ products like the granola bar can do it right away.  It surges to your muscles to help you recover.

** Simple Brandz Power Blendz are all 40%off! Power Packs and Simple Fuel is 15% off list price. Sale starts today and ends on 2-29-2012

Here is one of their products.  Just check out the ingredients? If you are not sold I don’t know what else to say.

Simple Fuel is a powerful all natural proprietary blend of SuperFoods including SuperGreens, SuperFruits, SuperMetabolizers, Natural Healers, and Prebiotics infused with a simply chocolaty taste. This combination gives you antioxidants, chlorophyll, amino acids, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes naturally in each serving.

Simple Fuel’s proprietary blended ingredients are:

8g of SuperProteins Blend: Hemp and Whey

925mg of SuperMetabolizers Blend: Maca, Coconut Milk, Kelp, Ginger Root, Camu Camu

500mg of SuperFibers Blend: Flaxseed Powder, Acacia Fiber

825g of SuperGreens Blend: Spirulina Powder, Organic Barley Grass, Blue Green Algea, Chlorella, Spinach, Broccoli, Wheatgrass

1125Mg of SuperFruits Blend: Acai-Freeze Dried Powder, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomogrante, Blueberry, Noni, Strawberry Powder, Maqui Berry, Acerola Berry 25%

175mg of SuperPrebiotics Blend: Guar Gum, Chickory Root (Inulin), Banana, Dandelion, Garlic

425Mg of Healing Blend Aloe , Ramon Nut Powder, MSM, Carrot, Chia Seed Powder, Suma, Yakon, Miatake Mushroom Powder, Purple Aronia Powder

Vit C -Asorbic Acid 1000 IU

Folic Acid 3 MCG

MINERALS: Zinc Oxide 4MG, Calcium Citrate 125MG, Copper Gluconate 125MG, Magnesium Oxide 125MG

Other Ingredients: Rose Hips, Lemon Bioflavoniods, Cacao Powder, Stevia & Natural Flavors

** If you plan on purchasing any products in the CHECKOUT process go to the NOTE section and just put in GTfit or MICKEL EVANGELISTA.  As part of their affiliate program I can get points and once I get more discounts it will be passed along to everyone.  Pretty soon I will also be carrying the products and selling them locally.  For now order them from the website.

Anyway, 1000 sit-ups a day does not equal to a 6-pack.  Eating clean and fueling yourself properly is key main ingredient to perfect abs.  EAT CLEAN! TRAIN DIRTY! and EVOLVE!


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