Charlie’s Boomsauce Factory

I just wanted to write an update about of my new clients Charlie.  When he first came to me his goal was simple – LOSE WEIGHT.  His main goal was to get shred.  He started doing GT in January.  His energy was up but slowly broke down mid-way.  I had to reprogram him and make him understand and believe in the philosophy of LOSING FAT instead – with the science of increasing metabolism and using compound muscles.  Charlie has been doing P90x and Insanity.  He has controlled his weight due to this and has kept it off.  However, he did not control the nutrition portion.  He was at 212 when he first came to me.  Charlie only trains with me for once a week.  Two weeks ago, I advised him to start eating cleaning and not worry about the weight scale too much.  Well folks you tell me if the nutrition revision worked. You can say GTfit is a gimmick or it’s a fad workout system.  Unless you start embracing this is a LIFESTYLE change you won’t fully learn what I am trying to teach you.

These transformation pics are due to strict diet it’s from consistency.  EAT CLEAN! TRAIN DIRTY! BOOMSAUCE



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