Attendance: Danny C, Monica, Mike, and Nicole

Raining again, colder than ever and guess what? We found a new GT location.  It’s really dirty, dark, and best yet EMPTY! Who needs a box when your mind is the program and your body is the gym equipment.  Anyway, the team killed it.  I got creative after finding out some great news so the team embraced the suck as I changed the WOD on the fly.  Below was the original WOD – only the class knows what really happened.  If you are not creative as a motivator your just a tour guide.  I am here to make sure my clients benefit from me.  I don’t even charge that much.  I’m a stay home-father who makes a living out of LIVING life.  What could be better? BOOMSAUCE

Evolve in 3,2,1….GET TOUGH

(2) lap frankensteins
(2) lap sprints
(25) Dyn jax
(25) BOF

KB Luggage DL
KB Clean to Push press
KB Lateral bounds

(5) bearcrawls
(5) burpee to broad jump


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