Attendance: Bernie, Colleen, Monica

What? The new lady assassin TRIFECTA! These trio killed it every step of the way.  Also, one thing I wanted to address and doing it public.  BERNIE – DO NOT EVER, EVER say you “CAN’T” do something.  You are limitless beyond your understanding.  I never want you to say “I Can’t believe I did this” instead I want you to say “I CAN, and I WILL”.  If you look at photo below the TIMES do not lie during their throwdown.  Doing a throwdown with Mon and Col is like doing an upstream swim up Colorado rapids.  It’s tough and it sucks but you CAN do it.  There are many ways to conquer obstacles and barriers and you are finding it.  You are evolving and I am proud of you.  Small drops will eventually create lakes – its your pace, your determination that will determine how you DESTROY OBSTACLES; DOMINATE OPPORTUNITIES – DESTROMINATE!  Proud of Monica and Colleen as usual.  These two have gone through rapid changes and I am very proud of their consistency and focus.  They dropped that BOOMSAUCE HARD!!!

evolve in 3,2,1….GET TOUGH

Evolve in 3,2,1…GET TOUGH



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