So it’s been a month since Michael Jaeger approached me about making the transition from purely an isolation bodybuilder to a functional beast.  Like all of us before learning about new workout techniques the question of “will it be a waste of $$” and “Will it be hard?” But guess what – if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.  Mike was adamant about getting his abs, he lost weight on his own but feels like he hit a wall.  The plateau effect kicked in and he was stuck.  I believe in evolution but when your walking on the same spot there is a problem.  The adjustment was not the WODs, it was his eating habits.  After one session every week he finally broken in and started listening to my eating plan.  You can work hard as you can in the gym.  But if you do not eat clean! Train dirty you will never achieve your true goals.  Evolution starts from within, not from what you see in the mirror.  Accept and be comfortable with your skin and after cross your comfort zone and live there.  That’s when you start living.  So as I post this first update I am proud to show you his evolution.  Are you ready for yours?

Let me show how it works…..




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