Zombie 36

By Dan

This workout is dedicated to the men of Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 3336 past and present. Named for Dan’s team in Afghanistan (“Hence the name, because this workout is going to steal your soul.”)
3-3-3-6 repetitions of:
Air Squats

Round 1
4 sets 3-3-3-6 (Kabul)
1. Bodyweight Front Squat
2. Jumping lunges each foot
3. Weighted Sit-ups w/45lb plate

Round 2 (Lincoln)
4 sets 3-3-3-6
1. Bodyweight Bench Press
2. Weighted Dips w/45 lb plate
3. Front Plank (30sec, 30 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec)

Round 3 (Marjeh)
4 sets 3-3-3-6
1. Deadlifts at 2 times bodyweight
2. BB Shoulder Shrugs 2 times bodyweight
3. Crunches (30 sec, 30 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec)

Round 4 (Hendoor)
4 sets 3-3-3-6
25 meter sprint
25 meter bear crawl
25 meter crab walk
25 meter lunges

This workout is for time. Time starts when you grab the bar for the Front Squats. You
will complete 3 front squats, 3 jumping lunges each foot 6 (total), then 3 weighted sit-ups with
45lb plate. Two more sets of 3 and the final set you will do 6 repetitions of each exercise. That will
complete that round and you move on to the 2nd round and do the same number of repetitions
(3-3-3-6). The planks you will hold for the recommended time. On Round three the Dead lifts are
strict. No bouncing the weight off of the ground. Once the plates touch the ground take a pregnant
pause and lift again. Once done with the recommended reps of dead lifts hold the Barbell and do
the reps of shrugs. When you shrug the weight, hold the weight up for a pregnant pause and then
back down to the starting position. Get on the ground and start knocking out crunches. Round 4
you will sprint 25 meters 3 times, bear crawl 25 meters 3 times, crab walk 25 meters 3 times, lunge
25 meters 3 times (6 total round trips). Do that 3 times total and then of course, the last set, sprint
25 meters 6 times, bear crawl 25 meters 6 times……… Pretty sure you get the point. All combined,
Round 4 should move you approximately 1500 meters (1.5 kilometers) or for you non military folk,
a little over a mile. You cannot combine all the reps into 15 each exercises and blow through it. The
point is to do the recommended reps and move on to the next exercise so you don’t have a chance
to drone out. I did this workout in my garage gym and I used the same 45lb plate that was on the
barbell for the dips and sit-ups. This workout should take you less than an hour. If you have to scale
down the weight but you should be able to do the weight especially if you’re a dude. Females can
scale down the weight to .5 times their bodyweight if they so desire. Good Luck and Embrace the Suck.


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