WOD – 1on1 and CLASS 4/7/2012

3 sessions today.  2-Buck challengers  (1 adult, 1 young assassin).  and 1 1on1.  Great effort from Carlos and Jarin for solidifying their spots as BETAS.  More individuals will be tested this upcoming month.

Also, want to give a lot of credit to Arthur for being a great role model to his daughter Sam.  They both killed it together and I feel I can create a killer athlete out of Sam.  She did awesome and drop the pot.  I know Arthur really wants to make the change but wanting and doing are two different things.  I hope this experience today will push him to “DO”.  Sometimes we make excuses just to take away the accountability factor.  It’s easy – guess what that’s what quitters do – and I know Arthur is a CHAMPION.  Winners do not quit or stop when they are tired, they stop when they are done.  IF YOU WANT TO BREATH AS BAD AS YOU WANT TO SUCCEED.  YOU ARE WINNING… KEEP PUSHING ARTHUR TO BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY.

Want to also give credit to new Buck Brian – eventhough he could not complete at least he tried.

You don’t need brute or strength or speed to be in GT – you just need to be strong minded.  EAT CLEAN! TRAIN DIRTY!



Listen to Carlos music list…THIS IS AWESOME! BE UNBREAKABLE!


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