GT 1on1 Carlos/Hediye

Imagine throwing a huge rock in the ocean.  Does it bounce? or does it sink on first contact? Today I showed Hediye (16yrs) and Carlos this concept.  The concept of being like water – being fluid enough to hydroplane through a rough situation and mentally connect your mind and activate your body’s ATP and then remaining glycogen reserves.  As I find it easier to see faults in my clients I also find it easier to guide them to better prevent any future injuries.  I am here to make sure I forge the toughest, the fastest, strongest assassins ever.  Their coach goes through what they do so he appreciates the training I will put the young assassins in.

Carlos is setting a new standard as far as my assassins.  He is moving up with NO ONE questioning his abilities.  A beast is respected and feared at once.  I can’t wait to see him evolve even more.

Hedi still needs a lot of work but it’s more than meets the eye.  Its more internal and its what I noticed most athletes have.  They are aware of the light switch but too timid to switch it on.  GUESS WHAT? Mickel is not afraid to make a disco light out of this MOTHERFLACKA.  Your body says NO but your mind says GROW.  Which voice will you listen to? I never said GT was easy but trust me it will be worth it.  BOOMSAUCE!

Forging champions daily!







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