GT Dustin 1on1 4/13

Today my new prodigy starts his path to evolution.  An aspiring Grandslam champion, this man has what it takes to bring it to his worldwide competition.  The problem is he never met an animal like me who can tame and forge an assassin out of him.  He has the weapons to kill but a little gun shy to pull the trigger at times.  Today I wrote out a special WOD for him called “F.13”.  A nice metcon to start his fun day.   Also, I wrote out a few ladder drills and made them progress (most are freestyle ideas) by watching Dustin’s form.  All of these drills are usual movements but I added my twist.  You can always COPY my style but you will never master my DESIGN.  BOOM!!

Dustin is a strong player and a good student.  I want him to evolve into a powerful master and a great student.  I am utilizing all my knowledge in speed, agility, and balance to conquer this kid’s flaws.  His weaknesses will be the strengths of his opponents and I need to make sure he conquers them both. 






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