What’s after all my W/U? Correct – the full SQ.  Why? What do I always tell you guys? Open up the hips.  It’s such a strong underrated muscle and it’s the connection between your upper and lowers.  So why not strengthen it to better transfer POWER throughout your body.  The video below explains more about my theory.  It’s a fact and a lot of fitness coaches have been teaching it but the general public or bodybuilders pay no mind.  That’s why they are so stiff.  We strive to be functional and without this powerful muscle you can’t claim to be this.

What does it mean to generate power with the hip? What is a “closed” hip versus an “open” hip and how does this apply to sports? In this video we go over the basics of what open versus closed means and where it shows up in a variety of other activities. Understanding this concept and thinking about it while you’re training can help you keep better form and generate more power.


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