It’s a whole body integration system meant to help functionality and efficiently through regression and progression.  This system is as aggressive as GT if not more.  It’s perfect for everyone and will challenge anyone.  Are you ready for the venom to spread all over you?

Today I fully exposed the ViPR system to one of my clients.  Whole body integration with progressive rounds was a great success.  See for yourself and feel the venom course through your body.  The ViPR will be now part of a whole line up of GT training systems.  Please be advised this is a high-intense workout so do not copy unless you utilize this equipment before.

SPECIAL DEAL – Shed pounds and save now! Use the savings for new clothes because you are about to evolve.  Special pricing for the month of May-June for ViPR classes and 1on1.  These classes will be mixed with usual GT training and now with the ViPR system.  All specials are for advance payment only.   Make sure when you pay in advance to check your schedules first.  If you are going to cancel please cancel 24hrs prior to your appointment. Unless valid emergency you will lose your payment for that class and will not be able to reschedule.  Only good for the month paid in advance for and does not roll over on the next month.  So schedule properly and contact me for any immediate changes.

Payments are non-refundable.

**Classes and 1on1 sessions are very limited.  These will not be used on regular classes or 1on1 sessions.


1on1 – $40.00
Class – $25.00 (2-max per class)


(4) 1on1 – $110 (save $10.00)

(3) Classes – $60 (save $15.00)



Special thanks to Bernie and AJ for modeling the equipment for me.

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