Been a while since I wrote on this blog.  I just wanted to celebrate today the right way by doing big classes and dropping big sauce.  Proud of all the assassins that embraced this 40 degree weather outside.  Whether we are training to gain mobility or for an OCR.  Always remember we are training to LIFT (Live Inspire Fight Triump).  Each one teach one.  Each assassin is important and plays a key role in the progression of the person next to them whether they know it or not.  I push each one of you to live beyond the comfort zone.  So if there ever comes a day you will need to…IT WONT SUCK SO BAD.  All my assassins learn to endure, push, drive, and smile.

I hope next time they dress properly but then again knowing them they will all end up stripping anyway.  Great job assassins.  Also great to see Jackie Mancini back in our circle for one day.  She killed it in her gave recently vs a rival team.

This WOD is dedicated to Camille’s father.  It was tough and brutal but in the end it was warm and it felt like home.  Embrace each moment folks like it was your last.  Nothing in life should be ever taken for granted.  Proud of each assassin and their max effort.




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