Rugged Run For Respect (post race)


It was a nice cold autumn day in NYC and I prepared for what I thought would be a “fun” event.  It’s an event that supports the special olympics.  This was an event that I really believed was important to contribute to.  All the competitors in this years olympics really helped me put things in perspective as far as competitive sports and just the will power of individuals.  ALL OR NOTHING.  For more about their mission and info:

The location was Aviator Sports in Brooklyn.  No mountains.  No hills.  Easy enough?  I got there at 815am to pick up my bib and timer.  I was supposed to do the 930am wave but decided why not jump in the next wave.  Later did I find out I jumped in the competitive wave.  For those who know me know I am non competitive and work better as the nucleus of the team.  Today I ran alone.  I don’t mind running solo and at a pace I can handle.  My body today was not as achy but I ran 9miles the day before and my torn meniscus was still hurting on both knees.  Also, my sprained finger was still hurting as well as bruised bone (heel) from a previous obstacle race.  But I did not let my excuses prevent me from trying to give it my all.  So 930am? nope I proceeded to go to the line up for the first wave.  The administrator spoke and gave his speech and POP we were off.  First of all it’s on flat terrain but the way the mixed the straight run with obstacles was pretty solid.  I had everyone ahead of me except for 4 individuals who were pacing.  I honestly did not have any hopes to run this fast at all but I started to notice after the tire run obstacle that people were slowing down.  As we hit the second set of short hills I start picking up my pace and as I go up I got excited that I caught up with more people I slip and hit my knee on some rocks and as I stumbled to get up sprained my ankle or strained it on some loose rocks.  I was like “really did this have to happen now?” As I gathered myself I did a quit “eshhh!” deep inhale and exhale and brushed off the pain.  ON WARD! The obstacles were not as bad as Spartan races but they were not easy for the common none OCR competitor.  I found myself trailing the top 8 runners who were in my opinion faster and leaner.  As the race hit the trail I found myself neck to neck with #5-4.  I was hurting at this point, hungry, no gas left but I kept pushing.  All I could think about is “without struggle there is no progress” “pain is temporary! Endure it! Suck it up!”  Same ideals I try to instill to my assassins.  I tell you this event really pushed me and as I hit the last .25 and face a bus climb, 12′ wall climb, and a fun tire swing (8 tires or so swing from one to the other, if you fall you had to start over again).  At this point I was nearly done.  My body was just saying “YOU GOT THIS!”…….and then I finished.  28:00 I believe and some seconds.  As I come up to the area where you get drinks and a shirt I was handed my water and my prize.  I must say I love this event and what it stood for.  I will push my assassins next year and others to do this event.  It’s not a waste of time and its positive message should be enough for you to push yourself to do it.  LIVE IN THE DANGER ZONE for once.  I can say it pushed me especially after doing two training sessions yesterday.  I believe in struggle in order to progress.  My life is all about the CHALLENGE, self and others.  Never forget that hard work pays off and short cuts are just that.  Short term.  EMBRACE THE CHANGE OR REMAIN THE SAME.  BOOMSAUCE!


and yes…I won 2nd place in the competitive wave.



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