Urbanathlon 2012 – “EMBRACE THE FEAR”

So a year later.  Men’s Health Urbanathlon was my very first big OCR in 2011.  It was the reason why I got into this crazy world of mud, crawls, and wall climbs.  This year I brought in my trained assassins.  As expected everyone performed well.  Last year, it was raining 20 degrees colder and we had slower members in the team.  This year I made sure that this was the trial run for my Rogues.  I finished last year in 3hrs 35 minutes.  This year – 1hr 30minutes.  Its not hard to believe I evolved but it’s harder to believe I fell after first mile, I tore my knee on the right, got bone bruising on my hand and it made literally every obstacle thereafter a challenge.  Both hands are hurting.  And to top it off during the second set of tire run I twisted my ankle.  Im always falling but guess what I GET BACK UP.  My hand was bleeding throughout the whole race and my first obstacle after I fell was the monkey bars.  The pain hit me intensely and thereafter was parallel bars, RUSTY bars that caused my hand to bleed profusely.  Each step felt like blades were lodge within my inner knee and meniscus are badly damaged.  I know what your thinking – WHY DIDNT YOU STOP? I’m stubborn, I’m dumb.  But what I am not is clueless.  My ligaments needed to be mobile and if I stopped it would hurt a whole lot more.  This is something I deal with and recover from.  I’m not new to this.  I set no limits even if I am running at 25%.  I DO NOT STOP.  I finish what I set out to do and accomplish.  Dumb or not.  I FINISH that’s how you GET TOUGH.  The goal I set for all my assassins is 1hr and 45minutes.  Today 99% did just that.  Proud of everyone.  My season is coming to a closing end in two months.  But the boomsauce does not stop from dropping.  Each race is a challenge.  Each moment is a chance for change.  Always push the mind so the body follows.  All who embrace the suck in the mainsite knows what it feels like.  We grow as one.  We push ahead.  Proud moment for me today was watching one of my lady assassins, Monica Harrigan conquer what she feared.  I waited to watch this moment.  This rare occurence.  It’s a once in a lifetime event but when it happens you get this suck the oxygen out of your lungs feeling.  A proud moment.  To me that’s evolution.  True reward out of this is watching people who are where I was a year ago face the same as I did.  Luis and I did this together last year and this year again.  Having my brother Johann join me was also a great moment.  I love all my assassins.  They push me to always fall and get up to reach for a better stronger me.







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