HEY FAT KID! were taunts I use to get as a child during the holidays.  Well tomorrow, Thursday is the traditional Thanksgiving party, the beginning of what I call the HOLIDAY BINGEFEST.  Assassins who are worried about getting loose and eating badly for the holidays just pay attention to a couple of these things.  I am not by all means perfect or a certified nutritionist.  But what I am is a realist who put himself through all types of diets and diet pills and drugs.  I know what works.  CLEAN EATING.  DIRTY TRAINING!

1) Don’t eat more carbs than protein.  Don’t fill your plates with more stuffing, bread, rice etc.  Instead put more veggies and meat.  Keep the ratio at 60% protein / 30% veggies / 10% fat/simple carbs

2) DO NOT WEAR loose fitting clothes.  Wearing just the write size or a little tighter will regulate on your eating especially around the waistline when your stomach expands with food.  The more room the more the body thinks it can take it.  Trust me I know!

3) NO CAKES / DESSERTS / CHIPS & DIP AFTER 5pm.  You want to get your sweet/salt tooth fix do it before.  Don’t come on Thursday and tell me “TAKE IT
EASY”, I will send your ass back home or on a flatbed while you throw up.  This goes with any snacks including fried appetizers.  FAT IS FAT.  If you are not active you are storing it.

4) GIVE AWAY ALL LEFT OVERS! Give them away especially if you know you usually do not eat them.  It’s better to give away food than keeping them and feel like you don’t want to waste them….guess what you will be peer pressured to finish it and it goes straight to your stomach.

Do not let cheat meals turn into cheat days.  To my Masters and GM’s remember this “DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT RESULTS YOU NEVER GOT, FROM THE WORK YOU NEVER PUT IN”.  Just be realistic with yourself and try not to be too strict either.  Just be aware of what eating badly can turn into.  DON’T MAKE EXCUSES.


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