DIRTY THIRTY (Johann Birthday WOD)

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So today I unleashed what it would feel like to do GORUCK in 2hrs +.  Today was the annual Johann Birthday WOD.  Something that I made a yearly thing with Johann.  This year I decided to make it an official event. Old GT was all about fun and the technical aspect even the SUCK factor was not how it is now.  Our WOD’s back then is considered our warmup now.  Anyway, the WOD was suppose to take 2hrs but we ended up adding another 20minutes.  This will be the official yearly GT event.  I am also doing this to my elite GM’s starting in 2013.  I feel like this is how you celebrate your yearly turn your evolution.  I would like to say thank you to the following:

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Rachelle for holding it down in the house and making sure we had the after party drinks and cake.
Danielle for the excellent photos which will be posted shortly.
Sou for holding it down with Tristan in the park and taking a video of the event.
Tristan for taking the pics above on first mission and motivating us all during the third mission
So I know everyone is curious what happened? So here it is.  This is what Michael Bozzo, Brett Cullen, Michael Jaeger, Charlie Palmeri, Carlos Maldonado, Chris Summa, Me and the birthday boy Johann did today.  So this was a team based event and we split up in to 4 groups.  Here it is:


Mission 1: Memorize songs or chorus to Johann’s favorite songs.  It will be asked to be recited in the end of the workout and mobility.
38 KBS
38 Team C2F (feet on shoulder blades of your partner)
38 Jumping Air Sq
38 tire flips split with your partner so 19 each.


Mission 2: Get to Valley Stream State park
2 wall climb back to back each
1 mile run to State park parking lot.
1 Lap from end to end of parking lot of fireman carry and 38 C2F on the end each member.  If you can’t walk the full
lap the person your carrying has to do burpee broad jumps to finish the remaining distance.
Mission 3:
.5 Mile run to Central HS field.
1 lap around track of Lunges once you hit the finish line 38 A2G
1 lap around track of Sprint + 38 A2G
1 lap around track of Burpee broad jumps + 38 A2G
1 lap around track of bear crawls + 38 A2G
1 lap around track of fireman carry.
Total time: 42 minutes
Mission 4: Go home!
1.5 mile run home
38 pull ups
380 BKC
recite the first mission quote.
and that folks was……………………………..
Until next GM Birthday WOD.  Who wants to be my event coordinator for these events? Let me know.  Thanks for all the guys who showed heart today.  I know I am not the most fun to train with but I tell you as injured as I am I would do that WOD with you guys any day again.  Happy Birthday Johann!



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