Searching for an answer


Here we are again.  Another quiet Saturday and guess what?  We have our PA family coming for a visit.  Jason brought a new playmate for us.  Today was test day for my GMs and to see where they are this year and where we need to take our training.  I was proud to see even my Betas and future Master Chris who unfortunately  failed. He pushed his butt so hard to finish, not just finish but take over the voice that was preventing him from passing.  We often search for answers elsewhere not realizing the true answer is within.  The answers we seek are simple, it’s a matter of letting the action be the reply.  GT is about a journey to help you find those answers, whether it be tomorrow, the next day, a week or even a month from now-GT will guide you through it if you want it bad enough. You come to GT not because you just want to look good, it’s to feel good.  We train to excel physically but with our WODs it’s also a mental push.  You need to break yourself to let the pieces fall in place.  TODAY you need to always do what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what other’s cant.  Your 25% should always be anothers 100% – this should be your standard.  Never settle for mediocrity.  So whether you do Crossfit, bodybuilding, yoga, or P90X, if that training is suffice and you feel like you are conquering with each workout yourself, your limit…THEN STICK WITH IT.  Search no further, you’re an animal, now break through the lock and come out and play.

Sometimes what defines you truly comes out when there is struggle.  Try to always evolve to the progression of who you are meant to be not to what others expect you to always be.  Know that inside there is an animal waiting to be unleashed and embrace anything that comes its way with open arms.  Today my assassins and extended family came out to play in the mainsite and did just that.  It was a quiet 9am beginning and ended up in a massive explosion of boomsauce.  I was happy to see my brother Jason Moss again and to finally meet a sister I never thought I had, Heather Powell.  Get Tough Fitness is not just a program folks…. ITS WHO WE ARE.  ITS WHO WE STRIVE TO BE.  #evolve






And Thanks Heather for these PUPs.  I cannot wait to start training with them.  I love new toys!  I love it!! But the true gift is meeting another sister, another warrior…. Thanks for dropping it heavy on us.


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