ZF ROTC 001/003 4.6.13 Alley Pond Park

posted by guest writer and class instructor, Rogue Assassin #5

Today’s class gave participants a different perspective of what “good living” means. This 90-minute course, completely designed and led by four rogue assassins, incorporated movements introduced in earlier Zombiefit classes as well as lessons taught during our experience with S.E.R.E. or GORUCK events. Throughout the course, we took some time to reflect on the historical context of the park we have been training in. For example, before our warmup we learned that just across the road from the park there used to be a large plot of land owned and farmed by the Creed family. In 1870 NYS purchased the land from the Creeds for the National Guard and the NRA to use as a firing range. It didn’t become a hospital until 1912 when there were only a total of 32 patients in the facility. Do you realize that people think we are crazy for having chosen this healthier lifestyle that incorporates a consistent stream of physical and mental challenges? Today’s warm up was written and performed in honor of those first 32 patients at Creedmore. Some might say we are just as sick as they were. One thing that was not mentioned during the class – Creedmore was also the first hospital of its kind to feature a museum (called The Living Museum) that houses art created by the patients. Today’s class is also the first of its kind for GT – a complete course designed not by our coach, Mickel Evangelista, but by people who proudly bear the name Assassin and the rank of Grand Master within the Get Tough Fitness family.
Warm Up
We will complete 2 rounds that involve 16 repetitions of each movement for a total of 32 total repetitions in honor of the first 32 patients at Creedmore.
*have participants remove top layers and gloves – everyone should be in a t-shirt or tank
Dynamic Jumping Jacks
Cheat Curls
Push Press
Air Squats
C2F (stop after 8 and plank for 16 seconds)
Mountain Climbers
*Flutters for 32 seconds
Dynamic Jumping Jacks
Cheat Curls
Push Press
Air Squats
C2F (stop after 8 and plank for 16 seconds)
Mountain Climbers

Mission 1.

a. Un-timed elephant walk to a jogging march while picking up intel (reading chalk writings along the path) about Alley Pond Park

b. Participants have 3 minutes to answer three questions about Alley Pond Park based on the intel. Failure to answer any questions correctly will result in a penalty – Once participants arrive at the checkpoint (the underpass) everyone must low crawl to the white square in the distance.

Mission 2.
a. Everyone must make their way up a ramp leading to the highway and take a team picture holding the flag while cars zoom by and post to Instagram.
b. Participants find a log to carry or buddy carry to next checkpoint. Take a picture with said log with everyone doing a team curl.
Mission 3.
a. Find the softball field marked Field 5 (in honor of everyone’s favorite Latin Assassin) and pick a buddy. Instructors will place their rucks around the bases. Everyone must take two full laps around the bases performing the following movements:
1. Third base to home plate: fireman carry (alternate casualty after first lap)
2. Home to First: Lawn Mower (Wheel Barrel) (alternate wheels after first lap)
3. First to Second: Crab walk
4. Second to Third: Sprint
3 Rounds – 40 Seconds of 4 Movements
Muy Thai Sit Ups
Flutters (w/ ruck)

Who wants in on the next class? Email me to join: gtfit1@gmail.com

Assassins (members): $15.00

Civilians and future Zombie bait: $35.00




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