ZF 003 Level 3 – “I’M BORED!”


Want to live outside the box? Want to unleash your true potential.  Work in a team and pass each mission as one.  Don’t set yourself up for failure.  Look beyond your strength and gather a powerful force that can liberate you from your fears.  Our deepest is not that we are inadequate.  Are you ready for the S.U.C.K.? You guys better be.  Today was a taste.  Tell all your comrades, warn them.  Failure is not acceptable.  If you want to breathe as bad as you want to succeed, you are succeeding.

Open registration for non GT members now for the S.U.C.K. is open.  Deadline to register is April 25, 2013.

By the way ZF 003 DON’T BORE ME on the 27th… Or suffer worst that this:

IMG_20130414_061453[1] IMG_20130414_060829[1]IMG_20130414_081313 IMG_20130414_061532 IMG_20130414_062004 IMG_20130414_062043 IMG_20130414_062136 IMG_20130414_062510 IMG_20130414_063339 IMG_20130414_063354 IMG_20130414_063500 IMG_20130414_063826 IMG_20130414_063838 IMG_20130414_064816 IMG_20130414_064839 IMG_20130414_064848 IMG_20130414_064909 IMG_20130414_072014 IMG_20130414_075136 IMG_20130414_081255


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