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Ohana means Family, no one is forgotten or left behind.
Mom went through a tragic event and lost her home and all her personal belonging.  She was given two days to evict her home.  We had to search for a temporary location.  She has one month to remove all her stuff out of the house.  She is responsible for all the damages to the home. She has nothing left but some pictures and bags of clothes. We been going through the whole house and been throwing so many bags of clothing, breaking apart furniture that we held on ever since we came to America, and crying over damaged photos.  It hurts me to see her suffer.  I am going to do whatever it takes to lift my mom, by any means necessary. Every week I will be selling some stuff to raise the money either on my facebook (, my instagram (@get_tough_fitness) or on Craigslist.  If you guys can follow my instagram #OhanaProject #OhanaProjectSales you will see all the items for sale.  Please help me raise money to help my mom.
I am also doing raffles for Get Tough Classes and other prizes (to be announced).  Anyone who wants to make a donation please send money thought
I refuse to let her take this burden on her own and I also plan on giving her half of my monthly earnings to help her out.  If you want to contribute in some other way please email me at: GTFIT1@GMAIL.COM.  I can barter training/weightloss for any help to the home.  Any contractors are welcome to help me out.  If you can help, I am can work something out.

My mother is a hardworking person who raised me and my sister on her own.  She gives so much to other people, to churches, schools, and communities in the Philippines.  She would give you the food off her plate, clothes off her back, and money out of her pocket.  She never asked for anything except love and respect.  She never even took money from me when she needed it.  Now she has no choice and I am helping her.  I love her beyond words and I will not stop until we hit this goal.




August 17 – GT will be hosting it’s 2nd Virtual Run. Please join me in raising money for my mom. Anyone who wants to do the run with us and would like a medal please register here:
In the referral code section please put in: 4115
It’s only $16.00 (with all fees). It’s for a worthy cause.
Since this is a virtual run you do not have to be in NYC to join us. You can register and you can do it any day or time during the month of August.

Register today and sign up. Please do not forget to input the referral code. INVITE ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Please remind them to register for the medal or for the free run.
This will be a huge event for me. I am not even thinking twice, I only have time to react. So act now and help me run for a worthy cause!

So to raise the level of BOOM. I am running from the park where the race starts and towards my moms house with a vest with 40# of plates and I am going to my moms house to pick up (5) bricks 40# from my old house to honor my family. Each brick represents a family member. One for my wife, my son, my mom, my missing sister, and father. Regardless of the situation I love them and will carry them on my back. Will run/walk/crawl with these back to the park and I will do a burpee 5K without my ruck to honor the dogs that were in the house who suffered. I am not here to show off or to prove a point. I am here to honor my family and the hardship they facing. I am willing to do what it takes to help them. I love them too much to let them fall. I did not asked to be born in this family but I must preserve what is left.

Please help me raise funds for this race. Sign up for the free version or sign up for a medal for $16.00. I am also selling shirts for $20.00 for this race to raise more funds for this project.

I don’t know the route yet but I will be checking in when I can. I starting my run at 2am. Hopefully I return to the park within 4hrs and start my burpees at 6am and hoping to finish in 2.5hrs or so. I havent ran or trained but I will do my best.

So be at the park by 630am to show your support and cheer me on.
Race was a success. I did my run in 6.5hrs total. It was an emotional ending but the pain was all worth it and helped me grow in the process. I love my family and will not allow them to suffer.
See images below:
Email me: GTFIT1@GMAIL.COM to buy yours today. LIMITED EDITION!

——————-update——————————————– 9/10/13
This weekend I will honor my mom during two of my exciting races. One will be during the BONEFROG CHALLENGE in Boston which is a Navy Seal event. I will be running Elite Wave to honor my mom with my Ruck. I am scared but I know I will finish regardless of my time.

The second event I am doing is one of my favorite race which is in PA is the Rock and Roll Marathon:
This event is in the heart of Philly. I am very excited and nervous due to my hip strain and two torn meniscus. I am happy to be part of the Rock and Roll racing group. Wish me to “NEVER QUIT” not LUCK.
OHANA means Family. No one is left behind or forgotten. ‪#‎LIFT‬ ‪#‎STANDSTRONG‬

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Please follow my facebook for events as well as fundraiser items.

I am here to LIFT her up.  She belongs to be back on top!



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Husband, Father, fitness enthusiast. GTfit founder. We often settle and find that moving, even at a slow pace hard. I am here to show you that no matter how slow - PROGRESS IS STILL PROGRESS. #evolve

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