Are you a vet? Active duty soldier? Need a training facility? Come contact me and I will help you get your workout needs.  I am a big promoter of health and fitness but inspiring and motivating people who needs push is what I do best.  A lot of the vets coming back are struggling and I want to give back.  So if you did service and need a place to release some stress contact me for Get Tough Fitness – FREEDOM FIGHTER PROGRAM.  I represent Hope for the Warriors as well as the Goruck community. My hope is to help soldiers deal with depression through physical activity and encourage them to be part of a healthy and positive community. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Let me help you overcome and defeat your personal demons.

You proudly served this country and protected each one of us without asking questions.  Now Its my turn to help you out.  Must be able to produce military ID to be valid.  No purchase necessary. I am not looking for anything back. Wounded warriors are also welcome.  I am here to help you lift and evolve.



Please email: GTFIT1@GMAIL.COM to set up an appointment.  Thank you once again for protecting us.


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