Banana Fun Snack

by Lily Vasquez

 I don’t know about you but I love to eat snacks. Most of the time I have trouble finding the right kind of thing to snack on. It’s not like stores sell what us eating clean folks would consider paleo friendly. For those that are new to paleo it’s not like we have the healthiest snacks just lying around the house for us to chow down on either. Once again you have to be creative and think outside the box with paleo rules guiding your decision making. Sure you can get tired of eating bananas,blueberries,almonds, or trail mix. Let’s be honest we all like some kind of sugar in our lives. What I do when I want a little something different and to fix me up is eat some banana slices with Nutella and or almond butter. Surprisingly they actually taste AWESOME together! It’s easy-peasy to make. All you need is to slice up a banana in thick or thin slices(which ever you prefer) and a butter knife to use to spread the Nutella or almond butter on top of the sliced banana. It’s that simple.

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