Weekend Outings

Weekend outings can sometimes feel a little left up in the air when it comes to details. You’re tired of packing your meals from the night before during the work week, but you know what weekend outings shouldn’t be any different. You make the plans to leave your house and go somewhere, but you don’t think ahead of time about what you will actually eat while out. This is where the famous 7-p’s come to the rescue. Everyone has plastic containers.It’s super convenient to have a small container that can fit into any small bag or purse. I took pictures of what I am talking about. For example on Saturday I spent the afternoon/evening in the city. We all know EVERYTHING in manhattan is more expensive. Nine times out of ten you don’t know where to eat or what you want to eat. Why subject yourself to food that isn’t clean, expensive, and most importantly probably food you don’t even want to eat. Think of every outing as a field trip(like when you were a child in school). Pack your lunch, snack(s) and water and bring it with you. I was able to pack salmon with red cabbage, a sanwich bag half way filled with raisins,craisins, and some nuts. Believe me when I say the effort is always worth it




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