Christmas Clean Consuming

So the lyrics go…”it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Indeed, it is. 2013 is almost over. Almost everyone gets off from work for Christmas. Special foods are prepared and all that good stuff. It feels like more tempting foods are lurking everywhere you look. To avoid indulging or completely falling off track of eating clean I give myself a little leeway. I still make sure I get my protein in with just a very small portion of the unclean food. Allow me to give you an example of what my game plan is. Christmas Eve dinner my family and I have a sit down dinner. I’m sure you are wondering what is on the menu. Well we tend to eat pork, yuca, and white rice with black beans. I instantly think to myself I can’t have any of those sides. Nor do I want to. I quickly volunteer to contribute to the delicious traditional Cuban meal by bringing a side to my liking which will be red cabbage. I automatically want to eat as clean as I do on a daily basis. Holidays or any other special time in the year shouldn’t imply a free pass to eat crap and only crap. It’s isn’t good for. Right after that last spoonful you not only are physically full from the food but you are also full from guilt. Who wants that? Not me. To all my clean eating readers don’t do it to yourself. As long as the majority of your meal is mapped around the main part of you meal(the protein) with a little bit of cheat foods you will be fine. Merry Christmas!



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