Salad a La caveman

A simple and delicious meal for me for the past couple of days has been chopped up spinach, brussels sprouts, craisins with salmon. Who would think that this combination of foods would actually be good? To be honest, I just buy green veggies and mix them into meals and hope they taste good together. Afterall, sea salt and/or black pepper make just about anything and everything taste good. Craisins really add a nice tarty taste to any meal. I personally like the sweet and salty taste. To make this meal I focus on the taste of the salmon and do not add any flavor to my veggies. You never want to over do flavor because then you’re meal won’t taste good at all. You can just use my last post as a reference on how to make the fish. To make the veggies I prepare them as simply as possible. The spinach already comes chopped up at BJs in the frozen foods’ section. If you buy it somewhere else or in another form just cut up the kale by using a chopper(it’s so much faster than manually cutting up everything). I also take the brussels sprouts and remove the small stem with a knife. Then I cut the sprouts into four pieces. Because they are like tiny heads of lettuce they naturally come apart. Once all of the veggies are ready to be cooked I get my skillet ready with half a cup of water and just pour them in (I tend to cook the vegetables separately this way I can continue to mix or not mix to other meals). It’s okay to let the water and vegetables warm up together. You don’t want mushed food. Once the water starts to bubble a lot that’s when I take them off the stove and remove the food from the stove. You are now ready to combine all your contents together. Feel free to add as many craisins as your heart desires. Personally, I prefer at least one or two craisins per spoonful. Hope this meal brings you the same joy it has for me – Enjoy! =)



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