Protein pancake covered bacon strips

Okay my fellow foodies I’m not going to lie – this sounds awesome. I want to warn you – it’s a little tricky to make. It’s so worth the work just like everything else I’m life. This recipe is a combination of the protein pancake post but with bacon. 🙂 If you are not sure about how to make the batter then before anything read that post first.

All you really need for this snack/side is a package of turkey bacon or uncured bacon (whichever you prefer)

Step1- Fire up that stove and warm up your skillet. Once the skillet is ready slather on those strips of bacon.

Step2- While the bacon is cooking prepare the batter of protein pancakes.

Step3- Allow the strips to cool down. (Here comes the tricky part. I want to be honest I’m still trying to figure out the best way to cook the pancake just right so the bacon is completely covered.)

Step4- When the bacon has cooled down you can submerge it into the batter and just allow it be completely covered to the point you can’t see the bacon. Then put it back in the skillet to cook until the batter changes color. Flip it over to cool on the other side.

Step5- Eat these Jammie’s with some agave and enjoy!

There you have it my friends – a yummy paleo friendly snack. Please feel free to cook these treats any way you feel is best. I just write these recipes based on what I experiment with because eating healthy is fun not boring! 🙂




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