Breakfast Is Important

Written by: Tia Kamaris

While we’ve all heard about how important breakfast is, that’s really not enough motivation to actually get up and make some breakfast every day. We all have busy lives with work, family, friends and all the other fun stuff life has in store for us. I admit that I often skipped breakfast. Especially when on a “diet” because the less I eat the better right? WRONG! Despite being told a thousand times and reading articles, I still had to get over the mental block that less food will lead me to less weight. I can now however say I am a believer! I still don’t have time to cook every morning before work, but I do make the time to cook for several mornings at a time. If I have time to scramble some egg whites, I have time to scramble 3 portions of egg whites… and that’s what I do.

The Recipe:


This week, I sauteed some spinach and onions in a spritz of olive oil, I use a mister from Pampered Chef but there are lots of brands out there. I then added about half a carton of egg whites. When all cooked, this was portioned into 3 medium size plastic containers. While I was preparing the spinach and eggs, I was also baking some sweet potatoes. Each container also got a 1/2 a sweet potato so I’d now have a protein, a vegetable and a carb in each serving. It’s not the fanciest of breakfasts, but it’s healthy and it fills me up til my mid morning snack of a banana and hemp seeds or handful of almonds. Though counter intuitive to what I thought, I’ve learned that it’s not just how much I eat, but WHAT I eat.


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