Renaissance Man – MEMORIAL WOD

We honor people in our lives to immortalize them. This is a way I made a point to celebrate their lives. Keeping their positive memory is how we celebrate life. Their spirits do not die as long as we keep them alive in our hearts. Today is no exception. It’s the moments that takes our breathe away is what makes this life amazing, must like this man.
Dad in tux

Written by Kristin Ogdon
Tom Ogdon was born on 4/16/1935 and died on 2/15/2006. He was a giant of a man to me, and I would say he was a Renaissance Man, or a jack of all trades, to others. He was very good at making connections between people, and was a friend to everybody. He was an entrepreneur and ran his own small business for most of my life, which meant that he was an incredibly hard worker, and taught me most of what I know about strong work ethic and intelligence in business. He was very creative – he played piano and even composed his own music, and he painted (I have a couple of his paintings on my walls at home). He was an athlete – tennis, golf, running (when he was younger) and swimming were his big things – but later in his life he battled a lot of old injuries that snuck back up on him. He endured 13 orthopedic surgeries on various knees, ankles, hips and shoulders, and never complained. I watched him teach himself how to play tennis with his non-dominant hand after extensive shoulder surgery when I was a kid. This is a man who never gave up, and who always found a way to get it done. His favorite moments were swimming or boating with the family, playing with our dogs when I was a kid, and weekend family time, making Sunday morning pancake breakfast 🙂 He was so dedicated to me – my never say die positive attitude comes from him. His spirit, and my desire to honor his memory, drives much of what I do. It’s hard to paint a picture of a man that means so much to me in so many different ways, but hopefully that gives you a little sense of what he was about 🙂

Dad on boat

“Renaissance Man – TOM – AS RX’d”
Timer: 1min x 1rd
Run in place

2 rounds
2 Burpees
15 Thrusters
20 Frogs / 20 Air squat (with weight)
6 Push ups

Timer – Every 2mins – perform 71

Assassin Slams
Jump Squats / Air squat (add +10 reps)
Kettlebell full or half swing (add +10 reps)

1 round
:71 sec plank hold
71 Leg lift or Reverse crunches (add +20 reps)
71 crunches

2 rounds
2 Chops
15 GM
20 halos
6 Triangles

Assassin Slams
Kettlebell full or half swing (add +10 reps)

1 round
:71 sec plank hold
71 Bent Knee Crunches
71 Bicycles


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