The crumby protein (Hemp Heart substitute)

by Tia Kamaris

I’ve been gluten free for quite a few years now. Finding substitutes has become increasingly easy as the demand for gluten free products has increased. I have however learned that most gluten free products contain ingredients that often make them the not so healthy choice. Thanks to Mickel I’ve been involved in the Evolution Program and have been eating “clean.” As a modified Paleo diet, I am still gluten free but also staying away from processed foods. Mickel also helped me include hemp hearts into my diet. I’ve primarily been adding them to my salads but saw some other potential uses. What I did was put them in my Ninja blender with seasonings as one would use in breadcrumbs- parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, and turmeric. I pulsed for just a bit – pulse for too long and they turn into a butter consistency, which is my next adventure! I’ve added them to meatballs (or chicken or turkey meat balls) as well as used them for “breading” chicken. Would love to hear what everyone else uses them for!!


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