“Brooklyn Betty”

Elizabeth “Betty” Harrigan
Born 11/24/1923
Died 11/6/2002

We honor people in our lives to immortalize them. This is a way I made a point to celebrate their lives. Keeping their positive memory is how we celebrate life. Their spirits do not die as long as we keep them alive in our hearts. Today is no exception. Stop waiting for moments to start counting when you are at the end of the road. Embrace them often. Stay positive. Be courageous. Be kind. And most importantly Be You. If she was still around I would honor her with this poem.

She is your hero. But doesn’t need to fly to push you to soar.
She possesses the ability to genuinely say to another woman:
“I admire your qualities and attributes”
She is blessed with the gift of giving and a willingness to help others
She consoles others even though she too is hurting

She learns from her mistakes and acknowledges that she too is not perfect
She speaks with words of wisdom and not malice
From the mouths of destruction, her smile remains unshaken
She lifts her head and continues to walk in the midst of turmoil

She inspires other women to be the best they can be
With her life experiences, she touches the lives of a multitude
She remains determined to be the best person SHE can be
She smiles every time she says “I LOVE YOU”

She has the courage to take the fall for another
She is not too proud to say “I need you”
When her tears fall, she prays faithfully
When others turn their back on her, she still continues to pray faithfully

She is humble enough to admit when she is wrong
Through betrayal and talk, she remains secure in knowing who she is
She is loving enough to say “I forgive you”
She is at peace with herself without having the need to prove herself to anyone

She values her self-worth and reminds other women of theirs
She is not pretentious but instead she presents herself just as she is…

written by Monica Harrigan

My Mom was born & raised in Brooklyn and worked as a long distance phone operater for AT&T before marrying my Dad and having the never ending full time job of raising 5 kids, running a household, volunteering for countless of school functions/organizations, caring for her mother & all the stray animals we would bring home.

While Mom may not have been a big woman in stature, there was not a job or task she wouldn’t try to accomplish. She taught us there was no such things as “man” or “woman” jobs – if something needed to get done you do it but most importantly taught us always to look for opportunities to help others.

Ours was always the house that kids gravitated to, always snacks on hand or band aids to cover scrapped knees and then later in life you could always get or cold beer, glass of wine or a full meal because she always cooked for an army. She loved celebrating birthdays- would celebrate our 1/2 birthdays, always have the happy birthday sign up “because it’s always someone’s birthday” which is a tradition but Colleen & I and my sister have kept going in our houses.

In 2000 Mom started having TIA’s (mini strokes) & later that year suffered a massive stroke that left her paralyzed & unable to speak. While this was certainly not how she wanted to live or have people see her, we got into a routine with the help of a wonderful caretaker Julia & made the best of it. She enjoyed family visits & getting caught up on your lives, enjoyed sitting outside & watching the kids play & every now & then we would slip her a fingertip full of red wine – her favorite & get the biggest smile in return.

Mom’s faith was extremely strong & would tell us ‘you were born to die but make the living part good’. She lived her life by 5 basic principles, the 5 F’s – faith, family, food, friends, fun. She taught that as long as you have the 5 F’a your life will be enriched beyond measure.

I miss her everyday & wish I could just sit by her side one more time just to hold her hand & say I love you & thanks for being a great Mom & role model.

Timer: 1min x 2rd
Run in Place
Hip Rotation
Bent Over Flyes

5 rounds
11 Tricep extensions
24 4-point touch
19 Boot Straps
23 Half Burpees

2 rounds
11 dragon crawls with push ups
20 Burpees

2 round
79 Spiderman’s on each side
79 HF on each side
79 crunches

Timer: 1min x 2rd
Run in Place
Hip Rotation
Bent Over Flyes

5 rounds
11 Push press
24 Good morning
19 Upswings
23 calves

2 rounds
11 KBH
6 Tris
20 Triangles

2 round
79 Crunches
79 Reverse Crunches


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