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Zombiefit class 001 1/19

Who wants in on the next class? Email me to join:

Assassins: $15.00

GRT/SERE veterans: $20.00

Everyone else: $40.00

Why wait until zombies come to realize your out of shape? Get Tough or Die Trying!




















Whos ready for next class?


First ZombieFit Ruck series

Class 001.  This is very first 2013 ZombieFit Ruck series training.  Three or four missions per class.  Pass or Fail you still win.

Want to prepare for a Goruck or a SERE event.  Come train with us.  Classes guarantee to teach you to survive an URBAN GRC or S.E.R.E. – Email me now for interest.  Next class is Saturday at 630am.  And yes those bags are filled with (5) bricks for females / (7) bricks for males.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We believe in the 7 P’s (Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance) in GT.  BOOMSAUCE!


GT member: $15.00

GRC Veteran: $20.00

Newbie: $35.00










Searching for an answer


Here we are again.  Another quiet Saturday and guess what?  We have our PA family coming for a visit.  Jason brought a new playmate for us.  Today was test day for my GMs and to see where they are this year and where we need to take our training.  I was proud to see even my Betas and future Master Chris who unfortunately  failed. He pushed his butt so hard to finish, not just finish but take over the voice that was preventing him from passing.  We often search for answers elsewhere not realizing the true answer is within.  The answers we seek are simple, it’s a matter of letting the action be the reply.  GT is about a journey to help you find those answers, whether it be tomorrow, the next day, a week or even a month from now-GT will guide you through it if you want it bad enough. You come to GT not because you just want to look good, it’s to feel good.  We train to excel physically but with our WODs it’s also a mental push.  You need to break yourself to let the pieces fall in place.  TODAY you need to always do what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what other’s cant.  Your 25% should always be anothers 100% – this should be your standard.  Never settle for mediocrity.  So whether you do Crossfit, bodybuilding, yoga, or P90X, if that training is suffice and you feel like you are conquering with each workout yourself, your limit…THEN STICK WITH IT.  Search no further, you’re an animal, now break through the lock and come out and play.

Sometimes what defines you truly comes out when there is struggle.  Try to always evolve to the progression of who you are meant to be not to what others expect you to always be.  Know that inside there is an animal waiting to be unleashed and embrace anything that comes its way with open arms.  Today my assassins and extended family came out to play in the mainsite and did just that.  It was a quiet 9am beginning and ended up in a massive explosion of boomsauce.  I was happy to see my brother Jason Moss again and to finally meet a sister I never thought I had, Heather Powell.  Get Tough Fitness is not just a program folks…. ITS WHO WE ARE.  ITS WHO WE STRIVE TO BE.  #evolve






And Thanks Heather for these PUPs.  I cannot wait to start training with them.  I love new toys!  I love it!! But the true gift is meeting another sister, another warrior…. Thanks for dropping it heavy on us.

GT SATURDAY 6/16/2012



Welcoming new members to the assassins team.  GT grows:


The Grand Master throwing down with a future alpha male. The box was HOT! Watch how my deadliest goes against one of my vets.

Carlos killed it… Welcome to the high ranks young assassin!


So today is the first day I meet a kindred soul.  Someone who said “SHUT THE F*CK UP AND MOVE” when he hit a wall.  Someone who cares for nothing else but to push himself and others towards positive physical, mental, and emotional change, the evolution.  I am not sure how me and Jason even cross paths but I am sure glad we did.  He drove all the way from PA just to do a GT WOD.  Today I created a WOD to extend my home to him.  I named it WARMACHINE after my nickname for him.  It represents his resilience as well as the brothers who did the WOD with me.  I am proud of Mike Jaeger for truly now showing me he belongs in the Masters program as well as Bozzo who started the Evo program with me in December who’s one request was to do pull ups? GUESS WHAT!!! HE’S DOING THEM! Charlie and Johann are animals as always and sexy without their shirts off.  I was still at 70% and instead of regressing and subbing the movements I went in, HARD.  I did not want to slack or slow down my team.  What’s the point of promoting something you believe in and would put your life into if you can’t practice it?  Weakness is an excuse and pain is one of those excuses to stop and quit.  I gave it my 100% today even though my body only had 70%.  The masters themselves put it all in the table with Jason.  I am proud of everyone’s max effort.  Jason is an official assassin.

Here was the GRAND MASTER WOD I put together – done under 1hr:


Mountain Climbers
15 HB
20 KBS (35/70#)
15 SD
20 HKT
500m (SB PASS) (2SB – BLK/BL)
6 TFLPS TO BRPS / 10 TRS (95#) / 6 PU
1 WC + 6 BRPS
30 C2F

My 1030am

Class came in during the massacre and I think we put some fire into them.  Even though the Spartans and Assassins were split in the end we achieved one common goal – LIFT!  We each fought through the humidity, the pain, and the interval timer.  I am happy to see faces who have not set foot in the mainsite for a while.  Also, glad to see Heather and AJ overcome their fear of heights.  I am more than confident all my GT Animals are ready for the Spartan race.  Although we had a few injuries I am still happy to see assassins KILL IT!

Special thanks to AJ for his camera work.





You were there when I could not do a single push up 3 years ago.  You stuck by me and took all the pressure and weight I put down on you.  You did not get mad when I left you outside in the winter, summer seasons and not even blink when I stop using you.  But when I needed you, you were always there.  I will avenge your death and will find the person responsible for doing this to you…… 😦

GT 1on1 and CLASSES “Cinco De Mayo”



3 PASSING – ONE ALMOST.  Time to #evolve



New buck challenger Brian survives a brutal day with rain and with his mom.  FUN STUFF!





Vanessa kills it during his Venom injection!!

Barbara takes a bite back to at the ViPR.. STAND BACK!





It’s a whole body integration system meant to help functionality and efficiently through regression and progression.  This system is as aggressive as GT if not more.  It’s perfect for everyone and will challenge anyone.  Are you ready for the venom to spread all over you?

Today I fully exposed the ViPR system to one of my clients.  Whole body integration with progressive rounds was a great success.  See for yourself and feel the venom course through your body.  The ViPR will be now part of a whole line up of GT training systems.  Please be advised this is a high-intense workout so do not copy unless you utilize this equipment before.

SPECIAL DEAL – Shed pounds and save now! Use the savings for new clothes because you are about to evolve.  Special pricing for the month of May-June for ViPR classes and 1on1.  These classes will be mixed with usual GT training and now with the ViPR system.  All specials are for advance payment only.   Make sure when you pay in advance to check your schedules first.  If you are going to cancel please cancel 24hrs prior to your appointment. Unless valid emergency you will lose your payment for that class and will not be able to reschedule.  Only good for the month paid in advance for and does not roll over on the next month.  So schedule properly and contact me for any immediate changes.

Payments are non-refundable.

**Classes and 1on1 sessions are very limited.  These will not be used on regular classes or 1on1 sessions.


1on1 – $40.00
Class – $25.00 (2-max per class)


(4) 1on1 – $110 (save $10.00)

(3) Classes – $60 (save $15.00)



Special thanks to Bernie and AJ for modeling the equipment for me.

GT Class 2/29

Today was another beautiful day in NYC… I wanted to make sure my Betas and Masters got to play and enjoy under the beautiful bright sun.


GT CLASS and 1on1 “POPPE ALL NIGHT” 4/26

Today we have a new buck challenger.  Welcome to the assassins circle John Poppe.  Proud of you for finally diving in the deep end.  NTC WATCH OUT NOW! NOW THE PARTY BEGINS!


GT Ro 1on1 “Evolve

Today marks an assassins evolutionary benchmark.  Ro came to me a month ago with pains and aches like you could not believe.  Excuses that was enough to stop anyone from even trying.  With all the insecurities and fear she bagged it up and came to the mainsite for a challenge.  A challenge that would a month later show her these changes…..FAIR WITNESS THE NEW EVOLVED VERSION OF RO… BOOMSAUCE!

GT 1on1 and Class (April 15-16)

Lots of boomsauce! Assassins are evolving.  These are not all the sessions.  Too many to post.  I am going to post less of these sessions but when I do it will be special 😉












GT 1on1 and Class

Today was a fun day of classes and 1on1’s.  My assassins are learning to work as one and my new assassins are learning that drowning is something we must master internally.  We all take things for granted in life.  Johann showed me a difference in living 2 years ago.  He help me mold the person I am today.  His drive and love for his craft has changed my perspective in life.  My evolution revolves around the people who surround me.  My gift back is I show you how great you can be through pushing you to break out of your skin, your doubt, fears, and insecurities.  These elements holds us back from becoming who we really are.  Also, Boz my box jump called and said you forgot some of your shin skin and hairs on it after you missed your jump lol.








GT 1on1 Carlos/Hediye

Imagine throwing a huge rock in the ocean.  Does it bounce? or does it sink on first contact? Today I showed Hediye (16yrs) and Carlos this concept.  The concept of being like water – being fluid enough to hydroplane through a rough situation and mentally connect your mind and activate your body’s ATP and then remaining glycogen reserves.  As I find it easier to see faults in my clients I also find it easier to guide them to better prevent any future injuries.  I am here to make sure I forge the toughest, the fastest, strongest assassins ever.  Their coach goes through what they do so he appreciates the training I will put the young assassins in.

Carlos is setting a new standard as far as my assassins.  He is moving up with NO ONE questioning his abilities.  A beast is respected and feared at once.  I can’t wait to see him evolve even more.

Hedi still needs a lot of work but it’s more than meets the eye.  Its more internal and its what I noticed most athletes have.  They are aware of the light switch but too timid to switch it on.  GUESS WHAT? Mickel is not afraid to make a disco light out of this MOTHERFLACKA.  Your body says NO but your mind says GROW.  Which voice will you listen to? I never said GT was easy but trust me it will be worth it.  BOOMSAUCE!

Forging champions daily!






GT Dustin 1on1 4/13

Today my new prodigy starts his path to evolution.  An aspiring Grandslam champion, this man has what it takes to bring it to his worldwide competition.  The problem is he never met an animal like me who can tame and forge an assassin out of him.  He has the weapons to kill but a little gun shy to pull the trigger at times.  Today I wrote out a special WOD for him called “F.13”.  A nice metcon to start his fun day.   Also, I wrote out a few ladder drills and made them progress (most are freestyle ideas) by watching Dustin’s form.  All of these drills are usual movements but I added my twist.  You can always COPY my style but you will never master my DESIGN.  BOOM!!

Dustin is a strong player and a good student.  I want him to evolve into a powerful master and a great student.  I am utilizing all my knowledge in speed, agility, and balance to conquer this kid’s flaws.  His weaknesses will be the strengths of his opponents and I need to make sure he conquers them both. 





WOD – CLASS and 1on1 – 4/9/2012

Busy day at the mainsite today.  Nice family WODs with the Jones and a 1on1 with their little guy Baron.  Proud to be his coach now.  He really can focus his MAX EFFORT once he is centered.

Had so many sessions as well as (3) new buck challengers.  My Young Assassins group is getting bigger.  Today I got new comers Dakota, Ally. and Tommy.  I am proud to be called coach by the elite but more proud that I have young athletes really making a difference at a young age.  Also, proud to see Andrew going head to head with AJ.  I am also proud to announce Colleen has pass her BETA/MASTERS assessment and PR’d on KB – she’s officially at 40#.  WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?





GT MASTERS TEST 4/8 (GoRuck Endurance)

Attendees: Charlie/Boz

Want to congratulate these two on finish my Masters test under an hour – 56mins to be exact.  It was a nice METCON warm-up -> Mobility -> strength endurance -> RST.  These 4 sections were a mental challenge.  To be limitless is to set a realistic limit – to be unbreakable you must break out of your comfort zone and embrace the suck.  These men did just that.

These two are literally one month apart from the GT evolve program and today they are equals – not in strength, not in speed, but in POWER and in WILL.  GT is not about the individual but the effort and the community.  TEAM WORK is what makes us; ego and inability to pace is what breaks us.  You want to separate yourself from the world of selfishness come do a GT class and find out what it takes to be an assassin.  Each one – teach one.  ONE TEAM! ONE GOAL.



WOD – 1on1 and CLASS 4/7/2012

3 sessions today.  2-Buck challengers  (1 adult, 1 young assassin).  and 1 1on1.  Great effort from Carlos and Jarin for solidifying their spots as BETAS.  More individuals will be tested this upcoming month.

Also, want to give a lot of credit to Arthur for being a great role model to his daughter Sam.  They both killed it together and I feel I can create a killer athlete out of Sam.  She did awesome and drop the pot.  I know Arthur really wants to make the change but wanting and doing are two different things.  I hope this experience today will push him to “DO”.  Sometimes we make excuses just to take away the accountability factor.  It’s easy – guess what that’s what quitters do – and I know Arthur is a CHAMPION.  Winners do not quit or stop when they are tired, they stop when they are done.  IF YOU WANT TO BREATH AS BAD AS YOU WANT TO SUCCEED.  YOU ARE WINNING… KEEP PUSHING ARTHUR TO BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY.

Want to also give credit to new Buck Brian – eventhough he could not complete at least he tried.

You don’t need brute or strength or speed to be in GT – you just need to be strong minded.  EAT CLEAN! TRAIN DIRTY!



Listen to Carlos music list…THIS IS AWESOME! BE UNBREAKABLE!


Ok so many classes and 1on1.  Instead of not doing the posting I will do it on one shot.  I want people to see how your form and body evolves.  Great effort from everyone.








How does the uncomfortable feel? How do you conquer limits? SIMPLE – you PACE your mind and RACE against your own FEARS of failure.  Did that make sense? If not watch Carlos evolve.  Every great man who becomes a champion always faces an obstacle it let’s the process of adaptation nearly impossible.  What happens when the obstacle is really you? The reset button is a reminder we all have to “slow down to speed back up”.  This BETA level assassin knows this concept so why is it so hard to grasp? It’s because what you’re trying to grab is a way of living.  If you never lived this way and all you know is to “KILL” where is the room for the breathing? the slowing down? This natural born killer knows nothing but the taste of blood.  My job as his full-time coach is to SMACK REALITY dead center and SLOW HIM DOWN before he misses the journey and hist potential evolutionary path.   He must rise above his own obstacle and enjoy the top view before ascending higher.



GT CLASS – 1030am


My new BETA level class does it again.  KILLED IT TODAY! Working as a team.  Proud of these guys.