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Are you a vet? Active duty soldier? Need a training facility? Come contact me and I will help you get your workout needs.  I am a big promoter of health and fitness but inspiring and motivating people who needs push is what I do best.  A lot of the vets coming back are struggling and I want to give back.  So if you did service and need a place to release some stress contact me for Get Tough Fitness – FREEDOM FIGHTER PROGRAM.  I represent Hope for the Warriors as well as the Goruck community. My hope is to help soldiers deal with depression through physical activity and encourage them to be part of a healthy and positive community. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Let me help you overcome and defeat your personal demons.

You proudly served this country and protected each one of us without asking questions.  Now Its my turn to help you out.  Must be able to produce military ID to be valid.  No purchase necessary. I am not looking for anything back. Wounded warriors are also welcome.  I am here to help you lift and evolve.



Please email: GTFIT1@GMAIL.COM to set up an appointment.  Thank you once again for protecting us.


Marine Corps Marathon Fundraiser

PicsArt_1373675458110This coming October I will be running in the Marine Corps Marathon with team Racing To Register to add meaning to my miles. I will be a participant in TEAM RTR’s goal to help inspire, donate and raise awareness towards bone marrow transplants and research. These 26.2 miles will provide hope and inspiration to all blood cancer patients to complete their recovery.  I am a fairly new runner and especially new to long distance running.  2013 is my first year for marathon racing.  This will also be my first time in the Capitol and I am very excited.   I believe in always pushing forward and overcoming each obstacle.  Without struggle there is no progress and as painful running is there is no pain compared to fighting for your own life.  We take life for granted each day.  This race is my way of showing and pushing others that we should not just exist, but love the life we live and live the life we love.  I initially only wanted to do one marathon this year.  But when I found out about this race and Team RTR I felt it was my duty to help out and be part of this historic race.  So I am doing two marathons within 2 weeks apart.  I will be dedicating my run to my wife’s mother who continues her battle with cancer.  She has gone through so much and I want to gather all the strength she has and do this to give her support.

Please help me raise money to help support this great foundation as well as run the Marine Corps Marathon.

Please go here to donate:

 I will run with the intention to bring a light to a dark tunnel of those recovering from cancer.

PicsArt_1373058874194 LifeLesson003

Do me a favor today, make it a point that you won’t take any day for granted. Inhale the moment and make it happen and exhale the possibility. Make it happen. Cancer is a word not a sentence…let’s try to live in a world where cancer doesn’t exist. 

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.. Sometimes I make the mistake of wanting to speed up the process to hit my destination that I forget that it can hit other paths that can lead me elsewhere. We all die! The goal is not to live forever, but to leave something that will. Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.  Live the life you love because it’s all you have.

I appreciate any donation made to my cause…$1.00 goes a long way.  You can either donate through the link below and use your credit card or debit card or you can donate cash.  There will be a donation box set up in the mainsite.

and remember, CANCER SUCKS

“Believe, when you are most unhappy, that there is something for you to do in the world.  So long as you can sweeten another’s pain, life is not in vain.”



About Team RTR

Team RTR was launched in December 2011 as a way for Racing To Register to support the mission of the charity: to inspire people to join the National Bone Marrow Registry as well as to educate people on why there is a need to increase the size of the Registry. Team RTR provides support, guidance, tools and resources for the fantastic people who are walking, running, swimming, pedaling, and dancing to raise funds and awareness for people to join the Registry research.

In only its first few months, Team RTR has grown to include triathletes, marathoners, half marathoners, and 10 mile runners. This diverse collection of athletes and change-makers continues to grow and inspire us every day.  There is no limit to the creativity, positive spirit and creativity with which the heroes of Team RTR set about to save the lives of those in need of transplants.

Urbanathlon 2012 – “EMBRACE THE FEAR”

So a year later.  Men’s Health Urbanathlon was my very first big OCR in 2011.  It was the reason why I got into this crazy world of mud, crawls, and wall climbs.  This year I brought in my trained assassins.  As expected everyone performed well.  Last year, it was raining 20 degrees colder and we had slower members in the team.  This year I made sure that this was the trial run for my Rogues.  I finished last year in 3hrs 35 minutes.  This year – 1hr 30minutes.  Its not hard to believe I evolved but it’s harder to believe I fell after first mile, I tore my knee on the right, got bone bruising on my hand and it made literally every obstacle thereafter a challenge.  Both hands are hurting.  And to top it off during the second set of tire run I twisted my ankle.  Im always falling but guess what I GET BACK UP.  My hand was bleeding throughout the whole race and my first obstacle after I fell was the monkey bars.  The pain hit me intensely and thereafter was parallel bars, RUSTY bars that caused my hand to bleed profusely.  Each step felt like blades were lodge within my inner knee and meniscus are badly damaged.  I know what your thinking – WHY DIDNT YOU STOP? I’m stubborn, I’m dumb.  But what I am not is clueless.  My ligaments needed to be mobile and if I stopped it would hurt a whole lot more.  This is something I deal with and recover from.  I’m not new to this.  I set no limits even if I am running at 25%.  I DO NOT STOP.  I finish what I set out to do and accomplish.  Dumb or not.  I FINISH that’s how you GET TOUGH.  The goal I set for all my assassins is 1hr and 45minutes.  Today 99% did just that.  Proud of everyone.  My season is coming to a closing end in two months.  But the boomsauce does not stop from dropping.  Each race is a challenge.  Each moment is a chance for change.  Always push the mind so the body follows.  All who embrace the suck in the mainsite knows what it feels like.  We grow as one.  We push ahead.  Proud moment for me today was watching one of my lady assassins, Monica Harrigan conquer what she feared.  I waited to watch this moment.  This rare occurence.  It’s a once in a lifetime event but when it happens you get this suck the oxygen out of your lungs feeling.  A proud moment.  To me that’s evolution.  True reward out of this is watching people who are where I was a year ago face the same as I did.  Luis and I did this together last year and this year again.  Having my brother Johann join me was also a great moment.  I love all my assassins.  They push me to always fall and get up to reach for a better stronger me.






Rugged Run For Respect (post race)


It was a nice cold autumn day in NYC and I prepared for what I thought would be a “fun” event.  It’s an event that supports the special olympics.  This was an event that I really believed was important to contribute to.  All the competitors in this years olympics really helped me put things in perspective as far as competitive sports and just the will power of individuals.  ALL OR NOTHING.  For more about their mission and info:

The location was Aviator Sports in Brooklyn.  No mountains.  No hills.  Easy enough?  I got there at 815am to pick up my bib and timer.  I was supposed to do the 930am wave but decided why not jump in the next wave.  Later did I find out I jumped in the competitive wave.  For those who know me know I am non competitive and work better as the nucleus of the team.  Today I ran alone.  I don’t mind running solo and at a pace I can handle.  My body today was not as achy but I ran 9miles the day before and my torn meniscus was still hurting on both knees.  Also, my sprained finger was still hurting as well as bruised bone (heel) from a previous obstacle race.  But I did not let my excuses prevent me from trying to give it my all.  So 930am? nope I proceeded to go to the line up for the first wave.  The administrator spoke and gave his speech and POP we were off.  First of all it’s on flat terrain but the way the mixed the straight run with obstacles was pretty solid.  I had everyone ahead of me except for 4 individuals who were pacing.  I honestly did not have any hopes to run this fast at all but I started to notice after the tire run obstacle that people were slowing down.  As we hit the second set of short hills I start picking up my pace and as I go up I got excited that I caught up with more people I slip and hit my knee on some rocks and as I stumbled to get up sprained my ankle or strained it on some loose rocks.  I was like “really did this have to happen now?” As I gathered myself I did a quit “eshhh!” deep inhale and exhale and brushed off the pain.  ON WARD! The obstacles were not as bad as Spartan races but they were not easy for the common none OCR competitor.  I found myself trailing the top 8 runners who were in my opinion faster and leaner.  As the race hit the trail I found myself neck to neck with #5-4.  I was hurting at this point, hungry, no gas left but I kept pushing.  All I could think about is “without struggle there is no progress” “pain is temporary! Endure it! Suck it up!”  Same ideals I try to instill to my assassins.  I tell you this event really pushed me and as I hit the last .25 and face a bus climb, 12′ wall climb, and a fun tire swing (8 tires or so swing from one to the other, if you fall you had to start over again).  At this point I was nearly done.  My body was just saying “YOU GOT THIS!”…….and then I finished.  28:00 I believe and some seconds.  As I come up to the area where you get drinks and a shirt I was handed my water and my prize.  I must say I love this event and what it stood for.  I will push my assassins next year and others to do this event.  It’s not a waste of time and its positive message should be enough for you to push yourself to do it.  LIVE IN THE DANGER ZONE for once.  I can say it pushed me especially after doing two training sessions yesterday.  I believe in struggle in order to progress.  My life is all about the CHALLENGE, self and others.  Never forget that hard work pays off and short cuts are just that.  Short term.  EMBRACE THE CHANGE OR REMAIN THE SAME.  BOOMSAUCE!


and yes…I won 2nd place in the competitive wave.




I’m sorry we do not have an official stream of the video but I promise you I am working on one.  Here are the four videos I captured for you guys just in case you missed it.  I just want to give props to the first GT Animal obstacle course event.  Props to: Kam, Bret, Alicia, Jen, Gil, Luis, and myself.  It was a very cold and wet day.  We started as one and finished as one.  It was a journey that I will never forget and it open up multiple ones along the way.  To all the people we helped and encouraged,  remember while your still living you are running a limitless race.  Do not ever stop learning and evolving.  Life is all about living – “Everybody dies but not everybody lives“.  Next time you think of excuses when your on the couch eating chips, ask yourself this “Am I Happy?” if the answer is yes then stay there.  IF NOT GET THE F*CK UP! and MOVE! You die once you stop.  Your body, mind, and emotions connect as one if you let one go the rest follows.  The obstacle is starting, the journey begins when you move forward and never look back.  ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY not the other way around.

Being the team captain of GT Animals and the main coach for GTFit, it’s my job to share my experience.  I can’t explain the energy that you will feel once you find out your stronger than what you think.  Each day is an opportunity to show people how great they can be.  What people see does not define me; it’s what I do! With that said enjoy the videos below.

ONE TEAM! ONE GOAL! We are gathering and pushing more people off their couch and join us.  GET TOUGH or GO HOME!






So October 29th is here.  I didn’t reach my goal of 170lbs but tell you what.  I see a hell of a big difference from when I started. Now if only I can get rid of the loose skin!

AUGUST 2011 (look at me flexing)

OCTOBER 2011 (this is a relax photo)

It was a cold, dark morning in Flushing Meadows.  I step in the stadium and all I can hear is a vague song playing.  As I approach I can hear the roar of the chorus screaming “WHO AM I? I AM A CHAMPION” These words turned on the BEAST MODE.  The team mates for the first ever GT team event was coming in.  We have Luis, Gil, Bret, Kam, Alicia, and Jen, and myself.  We did a quick warm-up and headed over to the battle grounds.  Once we got to the place we saw who were up against.  A lot of athletic and I must say sexy people.  They were ranging from 18yrs of age to 65.  I loved the energy regardless of the chill and the slow drizzle that was coming down.  The team was ready and amp but you can see the fear in people’s eyes.  However, Luis and I were more than ready.  This was it! It was the moment we prepared for in 2months.  2 FREAKING MONTHS only.  It’s sick how you can get your body in this form in 2 months with pure dedication and heart.  So it’s 8:23am and we finally hear the BANG! to run.  At this point it was raining steadily and we were wet but happy.  The team energy was unbelievable.  We hit our first 1.5mile and we were smiles as we hit the police barricades section.  Crawling and jumping over mud.  As mile 3 hit second portion of the area is upon us the fun pallet jump overs and ropes.  EASY! By the time the Marine hurdles hit I can sense that the teams energy grows even bigger.  We are chanting and smiling all the way.  We breeze through another 2 miles and the fun monkey bars and parallel bars hits us.  FAIL! Due to lack of grip and cold hands we failed this one but the team did push-ups to help each other out.  At this portion we were yelling and inspiring everyone around us.  It was so energetic that the cold didnt matter anymore.  So fastly approach are the net and tire run.  FUN!  Closing in was Arthur Ashe stadium.  OUR HOME! It was 100 stairs up, .25 mile run around the bowl and 100 stairs down.  FUN! Anyway, as we sense that we are closing in the team’s synergy grows and the support from each other get’s louder with each step.  All you can hear is “GT!” “LET’S GO!” “ALL DAY!” It was amazing.  So Citifield – it was literally stairs and stairs and we got blessed on running around the field.  AMAZING! So the final last obstacles was upon us.  Everyone waited for each other in the beginning and we ran together the: Taxi jumps, jeep crawls, net climb over bus, and my biggest fear – the 8ft wall climb.  WE ALL DID IT! FINISHED! Medals handed and Gatorade orange juice.  The warmest and biggest smiles and hugs you would ever witness was caught on camera at the finish line.  We moved as one and conquered one of the toughest races put together.

One final request for an interview and we were done!  So Urbanathlon is now history.  Last week it was unbelievable.  So many great memories and experience brought all discipline and training into play.  One of the greatest things that happened was Luis and I created a course to prepare for the UA.  We over-prepared to say the least but because of that we submitted a video to Men’s Health and they actually chose both of us to be interviewed to be featured on Universal Sports TV on December 20, 2011 at 8pm when they feature the 2011 Urbanathlon.  We formed a team for this one rather than us two and both agreed it should be a team effort.  This was the beginning of the GTanimals.  A high positive energy filled squad to conquer these type of races.  I was happy we all survived.  To watch show footage and our interview click here: 2011 URBANATHLON

Official times – ONE TEAM! ONE GOAL:

1801  Alicia Maisonet            3677 35:29    1737   40:43  1787   21:13  1856   55:18  1810 2:11:29
1802  Kam Chang                  3086 34:49    1689   41:23  1798   21:11  1855   55:21  1814 2:11:31
1803  Gilbert Quioan             4344 35:29    1738   40:46  1789   21:15  1860   55:17  1809 2:11:32
1804  Mickel Evangelista         3167 35:30    1742   40:43  1786   20:26  1838   55:20  1812 2:11:32
1805  Jennifer Figueroa          3657 35:30    1741   40:39  1782   20:25  1835   55:25  1815 2:11:32
1806  Bret Waltz                 3629 34:52    1696   41:23  1799   21:13  1858   55:19  1811 2:11:33
1807  Luis Marcial               3377 35:30    1743   40:44  1788   21:13  1857   55:21  1813 2:11:34

So what’s next? Am i resting? taking a break? Does an animal stop moving and hunting after the first kill? I have the thirst for blood and this helped me evolve to someone I respect and love more so than ever.  I am who I wanted to be.  I sacrifice what I was to be what I wanted to become.  It was work and it was not easy but it was worth it.  I am currently registered for Tough Mudder for November 2011, Goruck in March, going for CMC and Spartan sprint right after.  I am not going to stop.  It’s a part of me to test out what I put in the training grounds.  I accomplished something that I would never have done 2 years ago, 4 years ago due to fear.  I let go of the fear and had fate in my training.  What is your drive to be better? If you have none dig deep! Don’t fall victim to being stagnant and accepting what is for what you could be.  If anyone has questions or help training let me know.  I am here and willing to spread the word.  As my friend Johnny told me – You know why things will happen for you? BECAUSE YOU’RE AWESOME! ALWAYS BE POSITIVE!  The world is yours people!





Dear TEAM,

Is it hard to wake up some days? Is life kicking you in the butt? Do you feel alone? Well sometimes you have to muster up that strength yourself  but being part of GT sometimes means you are never alone.  Remember these words “I WILL ALWAYS ENDEAVOR THE PRESTIGE, HONOR AND RESPECT OF MY TEAM”..  There will come a time when you will be alone to fight but for now we fight together! Let’s conquer any challenge, any situation head on! You guys are all champions! Even if you feel that you’re weak; Fight through and dig deep and unleash that wolf out of you and run with the pack or run alone.  SURVIVE! There is nothing more dangerous than an injured wolf that’s trapped.  Everytime you look in the mirror even if you don’t see it today, tomorrow – remind yourself.  YOU ARE A CHAMPION! Do not let things run you; WE RUN THINGS! Take control of your life, your goals, your challenges! Even if you finish last – It doesn’t matter the point is you finished! You conquered! and next time around you will dominate!  BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!  Build your body, mind, and emotions to be that unrelentless wolf…

Watch this video to inspire you:

How To Conquer Fear Of Failure

Dear Team,

Recently I have been faced with dealing with someone I hold dear fearing that they are not capable of being successful and overcoming their roadblocks.  I beg to differ.  Fear is a motivator and should be used to push you to conquer it.  Fear is shapeless but it takes over the biggest form you could ever see.  Fear has no preference on who it takes out, so you are not special nor are you a target.  Get over the fact that people are there to take you out flip the script and use that intimidation you feel as a way to take them out (hypothetically speaking of course).  Not every is born confident.  It something you learn, build on, and encourage.  Sometimes it’s a matter of accepting that you are great, and nothing can slow you down.  The monster you create in your head is really your sabotaging yourself.  We often put these obstacles in front of us because of insecurity; the fear of not succeeding, fear of rejection, fear of success?? Maybe the past told you that you were going to amount to nothing.  Tell you what “NOTHING” is impossible and “NOTHING” can stop you once you put your heart, effort into it.  It’s all about focusing on your goals and reaching it, by any means necessary.  Remember this urban jungle pay no mind to weak hearts.  Success is the result of all the hard work you put into it.  But fear is what stops you because you forget the focus and forget what you trained and learned in a blink of an eye.  Find your momentum and just on the grind, it’s easier to quit than to live, inspire, fight, and triumph.  But ask yourself would this make me feel better? To know I settled for second or last place? Well? Does it?
I saw this article which speaks about dealing with failures.  I hope everyone can get something out of it.  Always stay positive and think BIG!  Don’t let your fear take you away from what your potentially suppose to be.  Live that dream and wake the f*$% up!!! LIFT!

By Patrick Cohn, Ph.D. and Lisa Cohn

Why do athletes sabotage their own success?

You might assume this problem relates to a “fear of success.” Fear of success does cause athletes to self-destruct. But fear of success is very rare compared to fear of failure.

Both of these fears cause athletes to “get in their own way”–experiencing fear, anxiety, tension and worry about scoring and achieving results. However, these fears come from different sources.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Athletes develop a fear of failure when they worry about not getting what they want and have worked hard to obtain, such as winning a championship.

They develop fear of success when they worry too much about what comes with being successful in their sport. Most athletes experience fear of failure and not fear of success.

Fear of failure manifests in many ways in sports. Athletes who are anxious or tense when competing are often afraid to fail or mess up. Fear of failure can also cause your athletes to try too hard, which leads to “getting in their own way” mentally.

Diagnosing Fear of Failure

It’s not enough to know that athletes experience a fear of failure. What’s more important is to know what types of fears hold athletes back.

As you can see from the list below, fear of failure often relates to what athletes assume they think others think about them (or social approval).

Signs of fear of failure:

  • Fear of losing a match, game or race. Kids badly want to win and are afraid they won’t succeed.
  • Fear of negative social evaluation. Athletes fear others will view them as a failure in sports.
  • Fear of embarrassment. They’re afraid to embarrass themselves in front of others if they don’t perform well.
  • Fear of letting others down. They do not want to let others down– coaches, parents or teammates.
  • Fear of putting in the effort and not ever getting the “payoff” or not playing to their potential. They don’t want their hard work, talent and long
  • practices to result in nothing (e.g. wins, trophies, etc.).
  • Fear of not performing up to others’ expectations. Young athletes worry about not meeting others’ expectations.
  • Fear of being rejected, losing respect, or not gaining approval.
  • Fear of making mistakes and not performing perfectly after having worked so hard.

Helping Athletes Overcome Fear of Failure

  1. To help kids with fear of failure, it’s best to understand the specific fear and address it head on. Take fear of embarrassment, for example. If your athletes have this form of fear they worry too much about what others think about them. They need to play for themselves instead of being concerned about what others think.
  2. Help kids focus on success instead of worrying about failing. Many athletes with fear of failure focus on all the wrong things. They think more about not making mistakes than completing the pitch or gymnastics routine. These athletes need to set small goals that help them focus more on success. One option: kids should see a good result in their minds before they execute it.
  3. Athletes with fear of failure need to learn how to perform efficiently instead of perfectly. The idea here is that your athletes DO NOT have to be perfect to perform their best. They often want to over control their performance (due to their worries about making mistakes). They need to understand that mistakes are a natural part of sports. The goal is for your athletes to trust in their skills so they can play more freely and feel less tight or controlling.

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” -Sven Goran Eriksson