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Mental Toughness has been a topic of discussion and debate for generations as we humans try to define our lives.  What makes some people tougher than others?  More successful? More motivated? Calm in stressful situations?  What are the common traits of ordinary people doing extraordinary things?  Can mental toughness be measured?  Scientifically tested?

These are the questions I have been seeking answers to and the type of questions I get each day from young men and women preparing for challenging programs in the military, law enforcement, and fire-​​fighting professions.


There are some scientific studies performed trying to measure how people handle stress and why they graduate Special Operations programs like Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs.  Some of the most interesting and pertinent to this discussion were the ones done by Dr. Andy Morgan of Yale Medical School.  

Dr. Morgan’s work has provided insight into the psycho-​​neurobiology of resilience in elite soldiers and has contributed to the training mission of Army special programs. His research on enhancing cognitive performance under stress in special operations personnel has been crucial to how we better understand the stress response. In 2011, Dr. Morgan deployed to Afghanistan as an operational adviser with the Asymmetric Warfare Group.  (http://​psychiatry​.yale​.edu/​p​e​o​p​l​e​/​c​h​a​r​l​e​s​_​a​_​m​o​r​g​a​n​-​2​.​p​r​o​f​ile)

From Don Mann’s Navy SEAL Survival Handbook:  Morgan’s research was the first of its kind and produced some fascinating findings about the types of soldiers who successfully handled stress and stayed focused.  Morgan examined two different types of soldiers:  regular army troops and Special Forces soldiers.  At the start, the two groups were essentially the same.  But once the stress began, he saw significant differences.  Specifically the two groups release very different amounts of chemical in the brain called neuropeptide-​​Y (NPY).  NPY is an amino acid produced by our bodies that helps regulate blood pressure, appetite, learning, and memory.  It also works as a natural tranquilizer, controlling anxiety and buffering the effects of stress hormones like adrenaline.  In essence, NPY levels in Special Forces soldiers is used to block alarm and fear responses and keep from frontal lobe working while stressed.

Dr. Morgan also studied sailors going through stressful tests at Dive Training.  He found that during the drownproofing and underwater navigation tests that were conducted, the ones who performed the best released a natural steroid called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).  DHEA buffers the effects of the stress hormone cortisol and helps the brain with spatial relationships and memory.  Divers with the most NPY and DHEA finished at the top of the class.

The question is:  Does the training enhance this ability or is it genetic?  This is the debate.  Special Operators and scientists have been trying to figure this out for decades.  In fact, recently DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) asked these very questions when recruiting special operations candidates.  Even with Dr. Morgan’s study findings, there is no fool proof method of testing the perfect Special Ops candidate PRIOR to training.  There is no scientific evidence that you are born with this ability, but there is statistical and anecdotal evidence that your stress coping ability can be enhanced during stressful training.  As Dr. Morgan refers to it as a “stress inoculation.”

Can you further develop the ability to think while simulating stress?  Yes.  One of the physical ways is to design your workouts so you get significantly tired and winded (physically stressed) and then do some form of creative thinking or math.  For instance, one of my favorite “stress – thinkers” is the standard pyramid workout.  Do pullups, pushups, and situps.  Each set builds on itself and you increase the reps by 1 for pullups, by 2 for pushups, and by 3 for situps.  Set one would be 1 pullup, 2 pushups, 3 situps.  The second set is 2 pullups, 4 pushups, 6 situps.  Keep going up the pyramid until you fail and then repeat in reverse order.  The math and keeping up with reps may seem easy while you read this but after 30–40 minutes of non-​​stop activity the ability to think becomes more difficult.

PT Progression Series #5: Hardcore Full Body Movements with PT/​Run

PT Progression #5 is the PT and Advanced Movements Workout:  

You now are ready to advance to full body movements in between sets of pullups and pushups and even replace pushups with more dynamic exercises like burpees, push presses, and 8 count pushups.  Traveling to and from the pullup bar and the PT area will now require you to bear crawl, low crawl, fireman carry a partner, do a farmer walk with heavy weight, or any other creative method you can think of adding that will assist in your preparation for military, police, or fire fighting training.

PT Pyramid with More Mileage:

Every 5th set run a mile fast pace:

Set 1: 1 pullups, 2 pushup, 3 situp
Set 2:  2 pullups, 4 pushups, 6 situps
Set 3: 3 pullups, 6 pushups, 9 situps
Set 4: 4 pullups, 8 pushups, 12 situps
Set 5:  5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 situps…


RUN 1 MILE…Start pyramid on Set 6 — continue to Set 10.

Run 1 mile

Continue pyramid on set 11 –15

Run 1 mile

Optional to finish pyramid at 16–20 or return in reverse order.

Harder Progressions:  Now add more difficult exercises to the PT Pyramid.   Work your way up a pullup pyramid to 20, but add a short run of 40-​​50m (meters) and make this place the location for your burpees, 8 count pushups, push presses, kettlebell swings, etc.  Make them a 1:1 ratio of how many pullups you do.  Remember if you go from 1 to 20 sets in a pyramid that is 210 reps of pullups and any other exercises you select.  Don’t forget your situps and plank poses as they make great “rest” exercises when needing an active rest.

Here is where it gets harder.  Use the first 5 sets as a warmup /​ run.  After set#5, you can no longer run from pullup bar to PT area.  You now have to pick another method to travel.  Some great ideas are:  fireman carry, farmer walk, lunges, bear crawls, low crawls, overhead carry of weight, wheel barrow race, crab walk,  or tire flips.  This is your time to get creative but make sure it is something you will see again in your training future.


Navy SEALs BUDS Training

In conclusion, I have been helping candidates prepare for various types of training programs for over 15 years now.  I have seen hyper-​​prepared candidates that I swore would excel in the Spec Ops training yet they quit due to something other than physical stress.  Cold water, darkness, being yelled at by instructors, tactical proficiency, girlfriend /​ spouse issues can all play a part in a candidate’s decision to quit training.  However, I have seen others who were not “physically prepared” by fitness standards who successfully graduated SEAL or Army SF training programs simply by gutting out each day and meeting the standards.

My opinion is that you cannot measure someone’s heart and desire.

To date — the best definition of Mental Toughness I have seen is:  “Finding Fuel — When the Tank is Empty”.



Today Johann and I embark on a new WOD – something cold, something hot.  Definitely something dangerous.  A normal none active person would think it was doable, a Crossfitter would say WTF! I am proud to watch my brother transform and embrace the suck with me.  Johann and I evolved together and with GT we drop those pots together.  YOU CAN’T MAKE SH*T UP FOLKS – Today was hard.  But we finish STRONG.

Evolve in 3,2,1…GET TOUGH

3min JR (trip penalty – 5 C2F)
10 dyn jax
2min JR (trip penalty = 10 C2F)
15 dyn jax


(10) Sledge
(5) Burpees
(5) Manmakers
(10) SQ JUMPS (50/80#)

BSU (40#)


Today my body woke up sore and tight.  Yesterday’s session killed me.  I thought to myself – why not just do upper body today and do isolation and mobility work? Uhmmmmm…. yeah.  As someone who tells people to do their best, dig deep, find the beast I should believe in my words.  With that said I ripped off my comfort zone skin and i had a heart rate on section 1 of 172 – It was AMAZING but the SUCK did not stop there.  Section 2 sucked even more.  But survived it and I think I will make it a weekly WOD.  It had to be one of my toughest.  The struggle was my test today.  Am I willing to live in the uncomfortable state for 45 grueling minutes? Am I willing to push beyond what my body is trying to convince my mind I cannot do.  Will I break? Will I get hurt? I AM WHO I SET OUT TO BE.  Once that WOD is written I am only subbing if I am causing injuries or hurting my training partners.  When I am alone I will test myself.  Strength is not measured by how much you can push or pull its the indomitable will within you.

After the WOD I did 20mins of SMR – it was such a relief.

Evolve in 3,2,1…..GE T TOUGH

6min JR

Rounds 1 and 10 (only) 120FT HUSKEY SLED PUSH (300/310#)
Rounds 2 through 9 (only) 60FT HUSKEY SLED PUSH (300/310#)
60FT OH DB WALK (60#)

Tab 45 x 12 x 4 RDS
Rope Drill (waves / Splashes)
DBS (1.5 pood or 55#)


Lvl 8
3.54 miles


Today woke up exhausted feeling insecure about my training now as the injury corrupts my confidence.  Its been 2weeks now that I feel this way and it seems to be affecting my training.  My WODs are ok not where I want them to be.  However, today after speaking to a close friend who told me ‘DON’T SLACK” – simple words.  Something clicked in my head.  Even though I know I should take it easy on my forearm injury I went in.  I avoided using my arms a lot and did adapt to the handle of the weight.  Today’s WOD is the beginning of many.  I am mixing my METCONs as usual but now also doing powertraining, eating more carbs again and fish, and meat.  Today was a great day for training.  Too many times before last year around July-Sept – I made bullsh*t excuses why I can’t be, why I shouldn’t be, mediocre is ok.  F’ THAT NOISE! I was born to make a difference, I am striving to be better than yesterday.  I will never make excuses; just changes.  You want to stop me – TRY – I will just find ways to go around, above, below, or best yet THROUGH YOU!.

Dig deep, dig hard, whatever you do don’t look far because the beast is within you!! (I just made that up) BOOMSAUCE!!


w/u –
1 mile run treadmill = 8:12
FT =14:27
(25) WALL SHOTS (12#)
(1) laps 3story floors of Staircase w/ heavybag on back (57#)
(10) Burpee to bag side jump

(8) HEX BAR SQUAT JUMPS (135/145#) – PR
(10) Deadlifts (221#)

4 R
Russian Twist (KB 17.6#)
Butterfly sit-ups (BSU)

1mile run – 7:26
(10) toe to bar

(25) BSU
10 toe to bar
(25) BSU
400m – 1:47


Today was a tough one as my body is still dealing with the insecurity of my forearm injury.  So with that mental block I had no steam in me to train.  I decided to go to my Google Calendar at 1120am after training Ben and decided to write a quick WOD.  Well I didnt RX’d 😦 but did added and subbed due to the pain.  My original WOD had only 2 sections.  But it was easier to quit than keep going.  So I decided to take the harder route and keep going despite all the pain.  Being the inspiration to others sometimes you have to also look and dig deep within to bring out the intensity regardless of what you feel.  Sometimes you don’t need anyone to tell you to keep going – you control that voice.  The feeling was greater than the pain after.  As I sit writing this my head is still steaming, my fingers still aching, my calves, quads rumbling from the spasms.  The words in your head sometimes yells so loud to keep going that all the sounds around you are muted.  Today I aspired to be the best and in order to fulfill this you have to act like it.  BOOMSAUCE!

Total time: 36:56 mins

5min JR
(30 second time) 14 C2F
2min JR
(30 second time) 15 C2F


(10) Bi-curls (bar)
(3) Snatch Complex (2,1 OHS)
(15) Swan Dives
(5) Pull-ups


15 knee to elbow
20 OH Front Lunge walk


I decided today to split my WODs into two split sections to see if I perform better.  It was fun but I still prefer one hellish session.  It’s been 4weeks now of straight training (with active rest).  Its been a challenge but so far so good.  Nutrition is truly key to avoid burn outs, fatigue, and injuries.  Over training does exist but with the knowledge of your body and knowing when to quit is the secret, not creatine, or special cool labeled drinks.  It’s an internal switch that turns on that allows you to BEAST.  Use it, before you lose it!

Evolve in 3,2,1…GET TOUGH

WOD #1:

6 rounds
ME: 1340;
(10) Rope pulls (C: 60# / M: 150#)
(10) C: hanging Knee to chest / M: Pull-ups
(Chris:10 / ME: 15)  cleans (C:18#; M:111#)
WOD # 2:
6Min JR
15 Knee to elbows
15 GHR (35#) hypers
ABSALUT – RX’d – 35x8x6RDS


Dear GTA,

I’m exhausted today, my back still hurts from the DLs, and then from yesterdays training.  This morning had to wake up at 5am as usual to start my day.  I had work and then trained amongst other things I have to do including grocery shopping for food and then this.   I don’t do this to impress people, nor to motivate you to be like me.  I do this so I won’t feel weak even on my days of weakness I can prove to myself my will won’t yield to the excuses.  I don’t have time to train, I make the time.

evolve in 3,2,1…..


(30) Clean jerks (100#)


(5) toe to bar
(10) Back SQ (111#)
(10) knee tucks (hanging)


5 Rounds
25yd Huskey (w/ Ruck) – (234#)
25yd Bear Crawl
Subbed with
5 Rounds
25yd Huskey (no Ruck) – (279#)
25yd Bear Crawl



Dear GTA,

Today was suppose to be an active rest but decided to do a light cardio.  My lower back is in serious pain from he DL session I did 2-days ago.  My knees are achy, my upper back is tight.  So this is all I got today, pushing hurt, but quitting would have hurt even more.  ONLY YOU STOPS YOU!.


Evolve in 3,2,1…..GET TOUGH

(25) dyn Jacks

Cone drills -> low hurdle -> 3 hurdle jump

With Ruck sack – 38lbs
1mile Ruck Run (2nd mile: 10:12)
30 SQ
20 Push-ups
30 lunges

(10) SQ JUMPS (135#)
(10) Calf Raises (203#)


Bike 3m – 10:25




Dear GTA,

WOD – For the past 3 days have been doing METCONS/ANAEROBIC and PLYO and OLY so today I figured to slow it down with some mixed power training.

Working on power and slowing down the pace.  I could never pass 135 before on a flatbench nor I could imagine doing 243# DL 60x as part of a section.  I’m getting stronger but I do need to bring up the confidence to push bigger weight.  I had no back brace and felt the weight after 6rounds during DLs.  I still pushed through and didnt quit on myself.  My body was sore, it was cold in the box, and I said “GT The F*ck Up!”.  My hands are sore and got cuts but I love it.  This is who I am.  What you see is not who I  am, it’s what I do.

The eating revision is slowly helping.  Bring up more meat intake helps with the power but I need the strength endurance to match it.  BOOMSAUCE SON!
WOD: time: 56:44 total time
W/U –
JR – 6min
(20) C2F
JR – 1min
(20) C2F

(5) Power Snatch (98#)
(10) Pull-ups (kip biatch!)

(50) Behind Back Push Press (87#)
Bench Press
157# = 10

(5) DL (243#)
15 hanging leg lift


Dear GTAs (GT Assassins),

Saturday was my active rest day and I ran and did core work.  Yesterday I did an uppers training session with Johann and today Johann and I tested our legs with a METCON for the ages.  I tell you one thing, the Huskey (Rogue Fitness sled) is no joke on grass.  Ok not a lot of explanations just the list – and a drop of BOOMSAUCE!

Evolve in 3,2,1….GO!

5min JR

Johann =37:35 / Mickel=33:42
500m run
(30) wall balls
(10) tire flips
(10) box jumps


20yd Huskey push (Sled) (Johann: 215# / Mickel: 250#) – ON GRASS No SKIS – LOW DRAG
max rep burpees (AMRAP until person on sled is finish)


Snatch OLY clinic (45#)




WOD – Goruck D 13

Dear GTFitters,

Today split the WOD’s again into two section.  This morning was a nice run.  Added some of the park element and did obstacles along the way.  Had to maintain my speed but it was tough.  Yesterday’s training took a toll on my quads but still manage to keep the speed up.  Back then my speed was at a pitiful 5-6 pace.  I am still landing and running heavy but I have a better stride and cadence.  Anyway, here we go.

WOD # 1:

RUNKEEPER STATS (7.68 miles):


1) Parallel bar walk

2) front bar dips

3) rock jumps (24″)

4) monkey bars

5) 30″ box jump

6) toe to bar


WOD # 2

JR = 10mins


“Rice Chips”

FT =13:25
(30) HSPU
(30) Barbell Ab Roll
(50) Floor Knee Tucks
(10) HSPU
(30) BAR
(50) FKT
(5) HSPU
(25) BAR
(30) FKT


AMRAP15 / RDS = 16
(10) Hyperextension HG (25#)
(10) HG Situps


Quick bag work – 3rounds x 5mins


WOD – “Progress” – GTFit Group (D 12)

“Change is easy in principle but hard in practice.  Commit to make a positive change. Then do it.”

Dear GTFitters,

Today we have another bucketeer who wants to take on the challenge.  Nicole – did some workouts with me but not GTFit. Today either marks her evolution or just the front door to it.  She did wonderful in her very first session.  I was going to sub movements for her but she looked at me square in the eyes and said “I want to try what’s written” – So we all RX and after 28minutes we were done.  I did not go easy as I shouldn’t on first timers as they need to experience GTFit for what it is.  Today’s WOD was awesome.  It was compiled with strength and cardio.  A lot of compound movements.  Mike Bozzo also proven that he is getting stronger.  He is now faster on the bear crawl and PR on his deadlift.  I am proud of this man’s progress.  He is showing a lot of signs of progress and each day you can tell by the way he drops that boomsauce in the box.

Evolve in 3,2,1…..GO

W/U –
Bike 1.5mile x lvl 7-10

Mike: 5mins

Mickel: 4.5 miles – 10minsrest

Mick: 4:15 (fireman:150#)
Mike: 4:25 (fireman: 90#)
Nicole: 4:33 (fireman: 40#)
25yd Bear Crawl
50yd Farmers walk (M: 90# / M: 150#)
25yd sprintrest

Mick: 5:30 (DL: 177, 177,177, 197, 197)
Mike: 7:36: (DL: 111,111,111, 122, 122)
Nicole: 6:34 (DL: 51#)
Deadlift (M: 95/115# / N: 45# / 177/197#)
bar facing burpee



Dear GTfitters,

I’ll keep it short and sweet.  This was how I use to train during the Muaythai and mma days.  Minus the striking today.  I had to keep it moving.  It’s time to evolve in 3,2,1…..

BOOMSAUCE (noun; a welcome situation or job well done. the highest degree of awesomeness.  Usually used after a great WOD or a PR (personal Record).   USE WORD WISELY! 😉

“The only identity that matters… is YOUR own.
Strong to the soul, fierce in the mind, and unstoppable in your path.
What you believe captures who you are. Make it legendary.”

6 min JR

4 Rds / FT=9:48
400m sprint (incline: 5 / speed: 7.5-8.5)
(10) marine hurdles

20sec x 10sec x 10RDS
Stair run drills
Toe to Bar
Hang Cleans (95#)


SMR – legs (quads, hammies) – OUCH!


So after above video I did this for 10Rounds

WOD – “Pain Enters” – Goruck D10

Dear GTfitters,

I start with this “A coach can only inspite their athletes, but motivation comes from within. Listen to your soul.” Today Mike embrace the SUCK and really showed me his will power.  Not only did he push to do half-chin ups with no bands he did more than (4).  Very proud of him plus he already dropped (8) healthy and clean pounds.  Monica Harrigan also joined us just to be a spectator but tried one of my WOD homeworks for the Alpha team.  She was all smiles as she walked away with an AMRAP15 under her belt.

Mike and I embarked on my approach to new CrossFit WODs.  It was simple but painful as hell.  First section was a METCON and second was pure strength endurance.  It’s amazing how your mind can control your full body.  I was still exhausted and sore from yesterday’s training and even felt my knee nearly cave in.  Going up the stairs with a 38lb bag plus an unsteady shaky beer keg was not fun.  However, I did not allow myself to quit.  All though some of the movements was broken I still stayed with the RX weight.  The chest session was brutal but I was proud of Mike for PR’ing on his flat bench and really pushing himself.

Time to evolve in 3,2,1….GO

1mile bike x lvl 7
(25) DJJ
(25) Hand Release Push-ups


2 Rounds
Stair climbs (w/ keg = 70#) Boz / (w/ bag + keg = 105#) Mickel
25ft Walking Lunge
8- pull up Boz / 10- PU (w/ burpee) Mickel


Strenght Endurance
RD: MikeBozzo=9 / MickelEvangelista=8
(8) Bench (MIke B:95# /Mickel E.155#)
(10) laying wall walls (MB: 8# / ME: 12#)
(MB:10 / ME: 12) Landmine Squat Push press (115#)



Mickel –




Dear GTfitters,

Today was the first day I took my METCONs to a new level.  Adding new elements to the fun changes the game.  I need to cut down to 165lbs but to do so I have to give up muscle loading.  However, I can’t compromise my power.  So I think I’ll switch it weekly instead of trying to work on power I’ll work on strength endurance for now and will pick up on the power after March 31st.  I do not have a lot of time left and i’m steady on 180-181lbs.  Anyway, time to evolve to the tora like I said so I must keep focus on my game plan.  Training outside brings a new element to the game.  People tend to focus too much on the competition that they forget the everything else.  Finding my balance will be key to my success.  Working on different elements now of GTfit and running will be my future path.  As I cross and finish some of my goals it’s really the beginning of others.

Ok here’s the WOD –

evolve in 3,2,1….GO

5min JR
(25) High Knee tuck jumps – 38secs

FT = 17:15
500m sprints (uphills)
(15) wallballs
(5) tire flips 235#
(7) DL 190#


30 Heavy Bag plate Hammers (45#)
30 front sq
30 sumo DLHP
30 Hanging Leg Lift
30 Bicep Curls (50/70#)
30 Dips


Pull up dead hangs
1) 1min
2) 48secs
3) 39secs
4) 46secs


Dear GTfitters,

Today is the first day of 2012.  Ever think of why people always want to make a change tomorrow or in the beginning? It’s always a instinctual for humans to want to change during the beginning.  I feel like each moment should be an opportunity to better yourself.  Today was no exception for me.  Yesterday was a full rest day even had some brie cake and meat at night with noodles.  I usually do an active rest but I wanted to enjoy some hearty food.  Today’s I started my WOD with a nice run.  Felt heavy and even used my new Brooks shoes.  They felt comfy but still need to break them in.  Anyway, today as I ran I started to think of my evolution within a year.  I started from pushing myself pass the comfort zone to someone who got comfortable with it.  As I look at myself compared to a year ago and see the lose skin and marks I acknowledge all the full effort I put in myself.  Lots of stretchmarks, but they are not a sign of me losing the weight they are the sign of my evolution.  I am a Goddamn tiger and they are my stripes I earned.  All of my change through hard work and never letting anything and anyone, including myself to say “I Can’t” do it.  I went through my changes in 2011 from being part of the wolf pack and then a komodo dragon during mud runs.  But today I realize I am a tora, a tiger.  A tiger is a symbol of might, dangerous predator that humans fear as well as respect, and power.  All my battles in life and my changes matches the tiger’s characteristics and with this I prowl forward and embrace my evolution.  2012 may be the year of the Ryuu (Dragon) but it will always be the year of me.  Each year that passes is not a marking of the calendar, my age but another year to better myself and inspire everyone around me.  I am transforming to a tora (tiger) during my journey to Goruck.  Today I am at 181lbs,  time to get myself down to 165lbs.   Ok readers enjoy your day and remember to embrace the moment.  I’m off to a Polar Bear dip in the Atlantic Ocean later so this day has just begun for me.

Here was my WOD.

Evolve in 3,2,1….GO

W/U –

6mile run –


16 – Shoulder rotations – plate (25/35#)
(12) – shoulder push press – plate (25/35#)
(120) Burpees
Ab-salut (3Rounds)
35x8sec rest x 3R
(150) reverse crunches (strict form)



Dear Ruckers and GTfitters,

I know a lot of people have been following my post and I appreciate all the love.  Today’s WOD was an active lite day.  Tried to keep it simple.  WOD was RX’d.  It was a nice chilly night but it was hot!

“It was that voice of wisdom that spoke, so
I listened. It said when the voice of clarity speaks, do
as it asks. It is full of certainty, and all it is asking for is
your belief, trust, and passion to follow follow your heart and live your dreams. Only know that the values you collect on your journey, will build your character so don’t pass them by- embrace each moment. For this journey is just a million moments shaping your destiny.”

evolve in 3,2,1…..GO!

10min – JR
Behind Back Push Press (70#)
Bicep curls (70#)
Pull Ups
10- Sunrise (70#)
15- air squats
10- KBS (40#)


Dear GTfitters,

Today we bring in a new potential GTfit Alpha team member who dare to take the BUCKET CHALLENGE.  It was a brutal 2-section WOD today.  Neal and Mike survived and then some.  I was proud of both for their full efforts.  I was weak today but managed to pushed through with bigger loads then both but they managed to catch up to me.  I am very impress with their effort.  Neal definitely has the will and determination to finish.  Proud of Mike as well for pushing very hard even when his heart was coming out of his shirt.   Anyway, here was our WOD.

Evolve in 3,2,1….GO!


w/u –

Tab x 2R


mummy walks

butt kicks


Section 1:



(5) 12/24″ box jumps

(10) bicep curls (40#-70#) / (6) Upright rows

(5) back squats (95#/166#)

(10) Hang Leg Lifts / (5) Toe to bar

Mickel: 8R – 24” box, (6) upright rows (97#), (5) Back SQ (166#), (5) toe to bar

Neal: 8R-12” box, (10) bicep curls (50#), (5) Back SQ (95#), (10) Hanging Leg Lifts

Mike: 7R-12” box, (10) bicep curls (50#), (5) Back SQ (95#), (10) Hanging Leg Lifts


Section 2:


1mile bike x lvl 7-10

25 crunches or hanging leg lifts

50 yd burpee broad jumps

Mickel (25:57) : 1mile (10-11), (20) hang leg lifts, 50yd burps

Neal (30:12) : 1mile (7-10), (25) Bent knee crunches, 50yd burps

Mike (33:09) : 1mile (7-10), (25) Bent knee crunches, 50yd burps



Dear GTfitters,

Here was my WODs for today – I did two, one at 4am and one at 4pm – 12hours apart.  Preparing for Goruck requires a lot of mental endurance.  So I am testing myself as hard as possible.  Also, helping out any Goruck or Spartan attendees for training.  Thanks to Sophie from Goruck GTfit is now connected to Goruck NYC Challenge.

I will post group trainings for $15 or solo training for $35 – hit me up for interest.  Cheaper than a gym, right? This is for a limited time only.   This is GTfit so prepare to be outside in the elements – be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  This is how you Get Tough – GTfit.

WOD 1: (Solo)

FT = 15mins

100 jumping jacks
100 dips (machine)
50 clean jerks
50 butterfly situps
50 hollow body rock

WOD 2: Anaerobic hell (W/ Mike Bozzo)

W/U = 6min Jump rope

rest – 1min


400m (incline: 5 x speed: 7-7.5)

Rope waves

12 (125#) bench press

rest – 2mins

Tab-35sec on x 8 sec rest x 4Rounds

Rope pulls (120/140#)

Hand Release push-ups (C2F)

Dip complex (2 dips x 5sec hold)

Rest (throw up optional)

Here are the video highlights!




Dear GTfitters,

Today’s WOD was dedicated to my brother Johann who ever since I met always pushed me to push beyond the comfort zone.  He brings me dangerously to the edge and dares to evolve.  Anyway, was no exception and it was brutal beyond I expected.  When I was writing it out it seemed easy but during it was METCON hell.  Tomorrow he celebrates his birthday.  I say age is determined by how you let the number define you.  37 is how many years this man has evolve to what he is today.  A strong, determined, focused, loving, and meticulous human being who’s artistic juices boomsauce with all the tattoo work he does.  Today we celebrate his birth date like assassins and KILL IT!.  This is an official tradition between us and will forever be.

Anyway, check it out and tell me what you guys think.  Also, it’s Day 4 of my Goruck Challenge training – Yesterday was day 3 since I ran a half-marathon so today I was very sore.  There was a lot of hills and on pavement (ughhh!).  My legs felt like they had cement blocks on them.  I managed to fight through the lactic acid and as loud as my body tried to convince my mind to quit.  I did not.  I fail at nothing unless I stop trying.  Fear only of staying the same each other.  As Johann’s new tagline this season “I Ain’t Neva Skeered” – Do not fear what you can become if you give it your full effort.

Evolve, in 3,2,1…..GO!

Johann Birthday WOD:
3min JR
7 snatch complex
2min JR
3 snatch complex
FT= J: 51:41 / M: 38:49
37 chest 2 floor
37 burpee to tire box jump
37 Tire flips
37 Deadlift (185#)
37 SH
37 man-makers (50#)
37 Dips
37 Cleans (95#)
37 pull ups
37sec Handstand
tab 37x7x6R
Bent knee crunches
Plank (high)
Leg lift kick ups