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EVOLUTION PROGRAM (Online nutrition and training program)


“Some people leave their lives to chance. They hope for the best. They hope for safety. They hope everything will be okay. You don’t. You train for every contingency. You prepare for the worst. You train, you shoot, you suffer, all so that if you ever have to face that moment of truth, you’ll come out on top.”


Can’t come to Get Tough Fitness?
No money to have gym membership?
Don’t have equipment at home?

NO WORRIES. The EVOLUTION PROGRAM is an intensive, personalize nutritional and training program just for you.  It caters for people who cannot train in mainsite. It’s directed towards what you have, your injuries, and your schedule. But you have to make the time. You will be sent four workouts weekly, you will be given one set nutritional program which you must follow intensely, you will have a file (progress report) to update weekly, also you will be asked to video one round of your WODs and post it in our PRIVATE page in facebook. If you do not have a facebook account just email it to me. You will need to open up a GMAIL account to access these private files just for you. I will contact you daily on progress. This is not a one time-leave-you-alone-to-your-own program. This is a specialize program to ensure your evolution. But you have to be willing to do the work. I myself was put on the same program and it has proven to work but you have to put in the effort. I am certified, have a huge knowledge in difference training systems, studied physical therapy and sports medicine in college, and put myself through same training program. This is not an INSANITY VIDEO or a CROSSFIT site. This is a life change program. So unless you are willing to change I cannot help you. Don’t aim for simply getting a 6pack ab.  Aim to be functional, flexible, durable, and healthy. Life is too short to just workout. Train with a purpose, eat to train, do it often and consistent, and see where your mind and body can go.  In Get Tough fitness it’s simple.  Eat to train.  Train to live.  Live to evolve.

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I let myself gain weight and lose motivation during 2014 due to many circumstances that left me on the floor. But what I learned again and again from failure is, it’s ok to fail. Don’t let your failures define your future, let them be part of it. Let pain be part of your product. The reason why I don’t take pre-workouts and post workout drinks it’s because I rather eat my food then drink it. I don’t replace real food with something made in a lab. I made it a lifestyle change. It’s a habit. It’s the way I live. I eat to train and I train to live. Simple as that. This is GET TOUGH FITNESS.



ARE YOU READY TO EVOLVE? Contact me now for pricing and more info:

Be the change. Create greatness.



ARE YOU READY TO EVOLVE? Contact me now for pricing and more info:


ARE YOU READY TO EVOLVE? Contact me now for pricing and more info:


ARE YOU READY TO EVOLVE? Contact me now for pricing and more info:

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ARE YOU READY TO EVOLVE? Contact me now for pricing and more info:







Are you a vet? Active duty soldier? Need a training facility? Come contact me and I will help you get your workout needs.  I am a big promoter of health and fitness but inspiring and motivating people who needs push is what I do best.  A lot of the vets coming back are struggling and I want to give back.  So if you did service and need a place to release some stress contact me for Get Tough Fitness – FREEDOM FIGHTER PROGRAM.  I represent Hope for the Warriors as well as the Goruck community. My hope is to help soldiers deal with depression through physical activity and encourage them to be part of a healthy and positive community. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Let me help you overcome and defeat your personal demons.

You proudly served this country and protected each one of us without asking questions.  Now Its my turn to help you out.  Must be able to produce military ID to be valid.  No purchase necessary. I am not looking for anything back. Wounded warriors are also welcome.  I am here to help you lift and evolve.



Please email: GTFIT1@GMAIL.COM to set up an appointment.  Thank you once again for protecting us.



Special discount for High School and College students:

High School student: $10.00
College Student: $8.00

1) You must maintain a GPA of 3.3 and above. Education is a crucial thing. We not only build sharper bodies in GT, but also sharper minds. I want you guys to focus on what will strengthen and solidify your future. Failure to meet this will drop you from the program. You are only given ONE CHANCE. I will be checking GPA after every semester. If you need tutoring help please do so or see if any of the assassins can help. Lets make this a stronger team by building a good connection with our other members who can help.
2) You can only get discount if you come twice a week or more or a total of 7 times a month. If you come less than that you will “NOT” receive discount.
3) Make sure to have or open up a Savings Account – 7 P’s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Start saving for your future. Put in $1.00 each week in your savings account or more. No need for proof I will be using the honor system. SO SAVE YOUR $1

Do not be foolish and waste your days. Make each day count. Be smart and really prepare for your future.
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These conditions are realistic and will be helpful for your future. If you agree print this page, SIGN IT, and bring it with a copy of your current GPA or report card.


I___________________________________Hereby agree to all the rules above with no exceptions. Failure to follow will drop me from the program.