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PEAK.COM (Home of Death Race)



Ever wondered how nuts it would be to do an event for 36hrs or more? Running around the rough trails of Vermont? Maybe you wanted to try an ultra race but wanted to test the limits with a 50-100-200miler? How about a mountain bike race down the steepest terrain down Vermont’s highest peaks? Winter events anyone?! They also have the world championship Snowshoe event from a 10k up to a 100miler? or maybe just maybe just train with some tough-ass-nails operators and veterans who knows how to instill mental toughness and grit. Learn survival tactics to prepare you for these events and enjoy the company of people like yourself. What’s life without a challenge? Without struggle there is no progress, right? So begins a beautiful and miserable challenge for you. So why not try out A company built around endurance, pain, and living the good life. Its not all about rainbows and unicorns folks. When it rains it pours and guess what my dancing shoes and my vocal cords are always ready for any downpour or storm. Lifes not about waiting for things to pass its about enjoying it rain or shine and making sure people who you surround yourself with are true and will help you remove the wet clothes and help you dry up.


Get Tough Fitness is proud to promote this great event and will help it expand even more. If you guys need info on the DEATH RACE CAMP (for training) let me know.


So what are you waiting for? The right temperature? The right year? Sign up and prepare for it.

Their race calendar is always updated.
SIGN UP! TRAIN! EVOLVE! Reach your pinnacle now!

Visit: for their many events.