Here are actual members and people who trained with me.  Here are there view about GTfit.  Hope their words encourage and inspire you to challenge yourself.

Zeke Castro…



Johann Florendo…

“Gt started out from it’s modest beginning as a way for others to exercise in a group environment and motivate each other. Subsequently, blossoming into an organized system of tried and true exercises to help increase endurance and increase lactic threshold. GT: group therapy, good times, call it what you will. But he premise at it’s core remains the same: GeT fit.”


Soureia Jensen…

“I am the kind of person who needs the motivation of others to help me exercise. GT provides more than just group therapy, it’s a unique workout system which constantly keeps you motivated and challenged both physically as well as emotionally. The best part about Mickel’s system is that every work out session is different and yet specifically developed for your own needs, we work out as a team yet each person gets challenged in their own area of need. It’s not your mom’s aerobics class, it’s a challenging system built to keep your entire mind and body fit with very fast results. If you want to lose weight quickly, get toned, keep it off and find a support system to keep you going daily, then GT is it.”

Sabrina Cardenas…

I came about GTfit last summer, when my husband attended some group sessions.  I sat in on one of the men’s sessions. I thought to myself that Mickel is a extremely good leader and trainer. I noticed that my husband was happy and excited to have companions while he worked out.
A couple of weeks later,  I remember talking to my husband Alex aka Turtle and asking him why doesn’t Mickel broaden his demographics and do sessions for ladies. Alex told Mickel and the following week I was in the GT camp doing my fit test. I must admit that I was sooooo nervous and felt extremely insecure. Mickel was rather encouraging. I found out that though I’m a chub chub, I am strong and had good form. I did have to work on my breathing though. But I practically killed one of the guys squatting score…I was so excited to be so close to one of the fit guys scores. I felt instantly that I could do GT and I fell in love.
I soon started attending every Saturday without my hubby and joined the Saturday group. I find GTfit to be very empowering. I gained to truly respect Mickel and the GT family. They support me when I was having a tough time and knew right away when I’ve had a stressful week. The group dynamic is great. We encourage one another and will yell at one another to get through each obstacle. At the end of each session, I was EXTREMELY dead tired but the stress completely left my body and a smile was in its place. I survived..phew!
Unfortunately, winter came and instead of sticking by the team I chose to hibernate. It was THEE worst decision of my life. I slowly went back into my old ways. Clothes are snug now and I feel like a cow. I hope the team will forgive me. I’m restarting my sessions tomorrow. I’m afraid I will be behind but I know the Mickel and the team will be there for me with open arms.
I look forward to the challenge and what comes ahead.

Sharida Jones…



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