It simply stands for Get Tough fitness.  Get Tough Fitness is a highly functional and motivational culture. The movements branches from military to sports specific training, as well as physical therapy. It welcomes from young athletes at age 6yrs old to someone who just wants to be mobile again at age 66yrs old. It’s customize to cater to the individual even during a group/class wod (workout of the day). It encourages and helps expose not only physical ability but mental toughness to help overcome daily obstacles. GT promotes team building as well as individual nurturing. It’s a functional exercise program specialize and centralize on the individuals evolution within a community. Eat Clean. Train hard and dirty. Love what you do. Live the life you love. Family is first. Team work is key. Once you realize that living the comfort zone doesn’t help you “evolve” you will do what it takes daily to push yourself to your true potential.

– Mickel Evangelista”

“GT is lifestyle change and a second family . Everyone has a different journey but everyone is so supportive weather you are young or old .
– Roseanne Torre”

“Get Tough is a dynamic and transformative fitness program that attends to the mind, body, and spirit of an individual through rigorous, intentional, well-crafted, and personalized workouts, functional nutrition plans, and a supportive, goal-centered community.
-Alex Bertrand”

“GT is a mental and physical journey for those who want to improve their lifestyle
Thank you Mickel
-Kathy & Lynn”

“Why at 55? Being able to live while I am alive . I am fitter because of GT. The mental support that I receive from my family at GT keeps me going . Bring on the second act of life I am reAdy to attack.
– Maryann Gallagher”

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We workout and move as one.  I practice a lot of aerobic as well as anaerobic exercise.   Anaerobic exercise is exercise intense enough to trigger anaerobic metabolism. It is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and by body builders to build muscle mass. Muscles trained using anaerobic exercise develop differently compared to aerobic exercise, leading to greater performance in short duration, high intensity activities, which last from mere seconds up to about 2 minutes. Any activity after about two minutes will have a large aerobic metabolic component.  I push your body until you hit your lactic threshold and increase and develop it over time.  Will train you to be ready for anything and everything.  But beware most first runs for the bucket.  This is how you know you pushed yourself too hard.

It incorporates HIIT (high intense interval training) or the Tabata Protocol which consist of calisthenics,  power training, plyometrics, strength and conditioning – compound movements mixed in a metabolic pot called WODs (Workout of the Day).  Making sure that output is good and consistent using short burst with 10 sec or rest in between for the body to barely recover.  This pushes your heart rate and the blood to flow rapid while maintaining maximum output.   We use elastic bands, some freeweights, medicine balls, but more than anything I try to get the members use to using their own bodyweight for resistance.  It’s a well put together workout session put together for the newbies or experts.  It doesn’t matter what your skill-level is, trust me you will be challenged.  Your endurance, cardio, and power will increase within 2-months time.

You don’t need to be a high-level athlete to join.  I just want your will and determination not to give up and to work with the team.  Our workout training sessions runs from 30 mins to 2hrs long depending on the mood.  It’s mostly an outdoor workout, including the winter months.  I want to make sure all my members are at functional form at any temperature and climate.  This is not for everyone but welcome for anyone who is looking for a challenge.  Although some of the workouts look intimidating it will prepare you and hone on our strengths.  The training area is not filled with nice equipment, it’s simple but an effective location.  I am a highly qualified instructor who can help you reach your goals and beyond.  It’s very intense but all I ask is for you to challenge yourself not against a team member.  We all move as one.

GT was created to help you survive any apocalyptic event, including a zombie outbreak.  We want you to be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for anything.  So I have to make sure the whole team will are working together.  We leave no one behind.  Everyone benefits from this.  Like I said, this is not a workout video or a fad to help you lose weight.  This is for survival and to help you innovate the way you go about your eating and lifestyle.  GT is a lifestyle changer but it’s not up to me to make that decision.  It’s yours! I am simply the coach to guide you there.  I heard many excuses “not” to do isn’t it time for you to start making one that will benefit you? Don’t wait until your on the ambulance getting rushed to the hospital, act now.  GT is not just a workout system; it’s a way of living and thinking!  I believe in the concept of  Live (live your own life, live for the moment) Inspire (inspire to do, to move, to be)  Fight (fighting to win, to survive, to stay focus) and Triump (Over daily obstacles and personal roadblocks) – LIFT!

Watch the video to see what GT is like as oppose to training in a conventional gym

Who Can Join?

From novice  to someone who is fit.  Man or Woman.  Young and old.   GT will challenge you in many levels.  Each workout session is specialize and personalize for whoever is training that day.  There are a lot of team buildng as well as individual training routines everyone will benefit from.  If you love isolation and resting 1-minute between sets than GT is definitely not for you.  I am here to push you and to show you that your limits are far beyond you give yourself credit.. and take it up another level.  I am results oriented and will help you be the same.

How Much is The Membership?

It’s a simple plan.  It’s pay as you go monthly.  No annual memberships or contracts.  You either pay for the full month or per session.  I have Team and 1-on-1 sessions.  Contact me for more info.

How Do I Join?

Before you make it in GT you must go through a screening process through me.  Not everyone is ready for this type of intense training so I have to make sure you have the heart and mental strength for it.  Safety is important for me so I would like to know your medical or any injury history.  All members can let you know that this training system is not easy.  I will create workouts depending on who is coming to the session to make it personalize for you.  I will work on your training to make your weaknesses your strengths.  If you are ready to join simply email me @ gtfit1@gmail.com I respond fairly quickly.

How Big Are the Group Sessions?

Most sessions there are usually only 2-12 members at a time.  But the Saturday sessions usually have more members.  I would like to keep it as intimate as possible so each member gets a nice workout.  But I welcome more members.  The size of the classes are depending on availability of time and if the weather permits.  The mainsite can accomodate a good size group so feel free to join when you can once you are a member.

What Else Do I Need To Join?

After you are accepted in the group. I usually require members to bring gloves (full finger coverage), yoga mats, towel, and your own water or beverage.  We do have our own stock of beverage if you want to purchase from us.  Also, I hate lateness so please just to get the chit chats out of the way and little bit of warming up please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to each session.  Schedules are usually posted up on Facebook and you will get a text reminder from me as well prior to the sessions.  So are you ready to challenge yourself? And to survive the impending apocalypse?

  1. Edward Diaz

    Hey my name is Edward, I am 38yrs old and I weight train 3 times a week and recently started running. I came into your website while looking for a race. I really want to step up my game and challenge myself to the fullest. This seems very interesting and I would like more info. I live in Elmont, work 6 days a week and have three kids so my time is limited but working out is one of my top priorities. How much? Where? and sign me up?

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